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Issue Date: 2004-05-20
Volume: 183
Number: 11


Georgia pastor receives Dove Award for Songwriter of the Year

Mark Hall is the student pastor at Eagle’s Landing First Church, but his ministry extends far beyond the ministry of a local church. He is the lead vocalist in the Christian band known as Casting Crowns and was recently hailed as songwriter of the year by the Gospel Music Association.
Baptisms slow their decline in 2003 Annual Church Profile report

Georgia churches reported slightly fewer baptisms in 2003 than in the previous year, but that minimal drop was a significant improvement from the 5.3 percent decrease reported in 2001.
The Georgia Connection: From Brooklyn to the Ivory Coast

Stephen and Elaine Haber are both from Brooklyn - home of Ebbets Field, the Old Dutch Church, the Lott House and the place where the USS Monitor was built to combat the Merrimac. Their journey that has taken them through Flatbush will ultimately take them to the Ivory Coast, where they are willing to invest their lives as career missionaries.
Mercer opens University Center

You will have to travel far and wide to find anything comparable to the brand new $40 million University Center at Mercer. The University Center and Griffin B. Bell Board Room were dedicated April 15. R. Kirby Godsey, president and CEO of the university, presided over the ceremony and indicated that the 230,000-square-foot building will become the signature facility on the university’s Macon campus.
Georgia volunteers supply Moldova for medical needs and with Christian love

For nearly 200 residents of this small town in northern Moldova, Elementary School Number 3 was the center of the universe for a few hours on May 3. They came with a variety of ailments to be seen by a Georgia Baptist medical team, their hope tied to spending a few minutes with a doctor or nurse who could relieve their discomfort.

Religious Newsbriefs

Promise Keepers’ study shows men rank family matters and career over faith as top need
(RNS) Promise Keepers officials say they intend to change the focus of their Christian men’s ministry after a survey they commissioned found that most men do not consider matters of faith a top need or challenge in their lives.
Alliance of Baptists adopts statement favoring same-sex marriage at annual meeting
(RNS) The Alliance of Baptists, a progressive Baptist group, has adopted a statement in favor of same-sex marriage.
Methodists join boycott of Taco Bell
PITTSBURGH (RNS) The United Methodist Church became the largest U.S. church body to join a boycott against Taco Bell, urging the fast-food giant to improve working conditions for migrant tomato-pickers in Immokalee, Fla.
Christian leaders say Bush environmental policy is immoral in Earth Day rebuke
(RNS) One hundred Christian leaders told President Bush in a pointed Earth Day rebuke on April 22 that they have “grave moral concern” about his clean air policy.
Dead Sea Scrolls museum wing set to reopen after year-long renovation
JERUSALEM (RNS) The Israel Museum will reopen the Shrine of the Book, the wing that houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, on June 7 after a year-long renovation.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Georgia's small churches making a big difference with CP giving

Delwood Church is so far out in the country, even the pastor is surprised that people find it.

Bible Study

Being Friends

How many friends do you have?

To the uninitiated, baptism is a most peculiar ordinance, especially as it is practiced in our circle of faith. To submit oneself to a public display of humility that requires appearing before a congregation wet from head to toe will seem extreme to some people. But what is strange and extreme to some is for us both the initial and central expression of our faith. What makes baptism so important? This is a challenging question that I fear is not being addressed fully enough in our churches.


Nagging wife and overworked husband equal troubled marriage

The Open Door

I recently preached at an Alabama Baptist State Convention event for senior adults. It was their Senior Adult Evangelism Conference. The meeting was held at the East Memorial Baptist Church in Prattville, Alabama. What a thrill it was to see more than 1,000 senior adults show up for the meeting. They came in cars, vans and buses. They literally packed out the church.
Christian schools no substitute for parental guidance

The public schools of America and, yes, Georgia, too, have come under meticulous scrutiny and unmitigated criticism in recent years. Some of it is justified, because nothing of the monumental proportions of public education can be all honey and no bees.
Paying the ultimate price

I’d never heard of Pat Tillman before he joined the Army two years ago.


Importance of upcoming elections

SIR: We face an election like no other in America’s history. Much of what happens to this country will depend on the outcome of the 2004 elections