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Issue Date: 2007-08-02
Volume: 186
Number: 16


Don't know much about history? Doesn't matter through various ministry options
Churches look to serve schools wherever needed

Tomorrow evening, principal Tom Alexander will meander the hallways at Lewis Frasier Middle School in Hinesville, welcoming students and parents back from the summer. His faculty will do the same in their classrooms. He hopes to see a large representation of yet a third group.
Teacher wins right to withhold NEA dues
Just as the left-leaning National Education Association geared up for its annual meeting in Philadelphia, a teacher in Ohio won the right to withhold her dues because her religious beliefs conflict with the labor union’s political positions.
A wealth of wordly wisdom
Twelve-year-old spelling and vocabulary champ preaches at Douglas County church

Matthew Evans, a 12-year-old, home-schooled seventh grader from Albuquerque, N.M., was this year’s victor in the Reader’s Digest National Word Power Challenge in Orlando, Fla. This year’s competition marked the fifth year for the annual Word Power Challenge and according to Reader’s Digest more than 2 million students and thousands of schools participated in the local, preliminary contests.
eHarmony sued for excluding homosexuals
A Los Angeles woman has sued the popular online dating site, claiming she was discriminated against based on her sexual orientation when the website refused to pair her with another woman.
Going strong after 51 years of ministry
Spotlight on Quitman church secretary Kay Roberts

Many individuals might think that bright-eyed, perky, energetic, personable, and talented are the words one might use to describe a Miss America Pageant contestant, but not this time. These are adjectives that accurately describe Katherine “Kay” S. Roberts, the secretary of Quitman’s First Baptist Church.
The Great Commission 2.0: children's ministries go online

Dozens of Christian groups are rethinking flannel graphs and 10 a.m. Sunday school classes, finding that there may be a bigger, better way to fulfill the Great Commission – just add wireless.
Book traces a lifetime of faith

Michele Dillon and Paul Wink have interviewed scores of septuagenarians about their faith – or lack thereof – and compared their answers to those they gave during their teens and middle age.
'Christian' nations more free, report says

Countries with Christian roots are the most religiously free domains in the world, according to the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute in a forthcoming report.
JESUS film now in 1,000 languages
The JESUS film reached a major milestone in July when it debuted in its 1,000th language, Lanka Kol, spoken by more than 1 million people in India.
Tifton pastor and wife to begin work in Ukraine
Hawkinsville, Camilla natives among those commissioned by IMB
In 1989, Janet Bobo surrendered to God’s calling to be a missionary. Janet’s husband, Calvin, felt the same conviction a year ago while reading The Commission magazine, published by the International Mission Board.
Exhibit displays Sallman's iconic images of Christ

Late one evening in 1924, Warner Sallman, a commercial artist, was working on deadline on a new magazine cover. He went to bed but was restless. When an image appeared in his mind’s eye sometime after 2 a.m., he got up and drew what he saw.
Online shopping now benefits Christian ministries
Canton church member launches, new website for missions support

Georgia Baptists who enjoy online shopping now have a way to support their favorite ministry by patronizing certain vendors.
Wall Street Journal, foreign observers say spiritual interest is growing in Europe

Though most reports have indicated a growing secularization in Europe, The Wall Street Journal has noticed a rise in the popularity of newer Christian churches that connect with a generation interested in religious discussions.
Old Testament features all-star black Hollywood cast

Hollywood, meet the Bible.
Interest in religion increases on campuses

At college campuses across the nation, including Harvard and Berkeley, chaplains and professors say students are more interested in religion and spirituality than at any time they can remember, according to a report by The New York Times.
Chicago's souls have been his priority

Marvin G. Parker remembers the afternoon he went looking for a game of basketball but instead found Clarence Hopson – the young African American pastor who towered over the 12-year-old boy in his friend’s kitchen.
Study suggests religious people have better body image

Religion teaches faith, hope, charity – maybe even a good body image.
IRS says complaints of church politicking up

Complaints about improper politicking by tax-exempt organizations went up 43 percent in the 2006 elections compared to 2004, according to a report released June 1 by the Internal Revenue Service.
Carver promoted to Army chief of chaplains
New major general accepted Christ at Dykes Creek Church in Rome

Doug Carver remembers the day he held a pair of bloody dog tags in his hand. That same hand recently rested on the Bible his wife Sunny gave him for college graduation as he was sworn in as the 23rd U.S. Army Chief of Chaplains.
Zimbabwe churches struggle to aid countrymen
Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation is spiraling out of control. Independent economists suggest the economy could collapse by the end of the year, bringing the country to a standstill.
Heavy metal guitarist plays a new tune

Most of Brian “Head” Welch’s tattoos are new.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Jerry W. Pounds resigns presidency at Truett-McConnell College
Jerry W. Pounds, Sr. resigned as president of Truett-McConnell College on July 15 after five years at the helm of the Georgia Baptist-affiliated school. His resignation was effective immediately.
GBC annual meeting program updated online
The program for the GBC annual meeting, which will be held Nov. 11-13 in the Augusta/Richmond County Civic Center, has been updated and can be viewed on the state convention’s website at Beginning next year, reflecting a small attendance pattern, the Sunday evening evangelistic rally and Monday’s pastor’s conference will be at Curtis Baptist Church rather than in the convention center.
Mail to former Baptist Center address on Flowers Road will no longer be deliverable
Mail to the former GBC Baptist Center on Flowers Road will no longer be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). The Baptist Missions and Ministry Center recently celebrated its first anniversary at its new site on Sugarloaf Parkway and the one-year delivery agreement with the USPS has now lapsed.

Baptist News Summary

Father, daughter make earning degrees from Golden Gate Seminary a family affair
Usually, when two people in a seminary class share the same last name, it’s either a case of coincidence or marriage. But not for David and Sarah Auda, a father and daughter tandem at Golden Gate Seminary.
Page visits Southern Baptists in Kenya
Hours from any city, traveling on roads he could only describe as “horrible,” Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page recently saw first-hand how Southern Baptist representatives are partnering to provide clean drinking water to a highly remote, nomadic people in northern Kenya.
Names in the News
Baptist gathering in South Carolina to commemorate Philadelphia association
History professors from three Southern Baptist seminaries are joining Baptists from other denominations in Charleston, S.C., Aug. 1-3, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the first Baptist association in America.
Strategic focus now on San Diego
Greater San Diego is filled with more than 3 million people, more than half of whom claim no religious affiliation. Only 6 percent of the population claims to be evangelical Christians. Local and national Southern Baptists hope to minister to the city through “Vision San Diego,” a part of the North American Mission Board’s Strategic Focus Cities initiative.
'Defining Moment' campaign receives $1 million pledge from Carolina group
LifeWay Christian Recourses’ new $29 million philanthropic campaign, “A Defining Moment,” has received a $1 million pledge from The Carolina Legacy Trust.
3,567 churches represented at SBC
Official registration figures for the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in San Antonio were released July 12.
LifeWay offers growing number of music and studies on iTunes
Individuals searching for everything from Beth Moore Bible studies to Vacation Bible School songs need look no further than their iTunes account.

Religious Newsbriefs

Sick Hindu bull is slaughtered amid protests
After a prolonged dispute with the authorities, Shambo, the sacred bull revered by Hindus in Wales that tested positive for bovine tuberculosis, has been slaughtered.
Archdiocese of Los Angeles reaches largest settlement in Catholic clergy abuse cases
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has reached a landmark $660 million settlement with 508 alleged victims of sexual abuse, the largest such payment thus far in the Catholic clergy sex abuse scandal.
Groups protest Hindu Senate prayer
Conservative Christian groups protested the first appearance of a guest Hindu chaplain on the Senate floor July 12.
A new kind of fundraiser: Welsh church sells excess solar energy to government
An aging Anglican church in Wales has come up with a modern way to give – or at least sell – power to the people by marketing its spare electricity to Britain’s National Grid.

People and Places

Revival Report
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Outstanding students to attend Georgia Baptist colleges
– Student Achievement Awards –

This fall, 17 outstanding college freshmen will receive scholarships through the Georgia Baptist Student Achievement Award program. These young men and women were chosen from among 68 nominees as a result of their scholastic achievement and outstanding involvement in both their churches and communities. The scholarships – amounting to $4,000 each and paid over four years – are funded through the Cooperative Program and provided jointly by Georgia Baptist colleges and the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Bible Study

When You're Discouraged

1 Kings 19:1-13a, 15-18
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, August 12
When Sickness Strikes

2 Kings 5:1-5, 8-16
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Aug. 19


Is Jesus the only way to Heaven?

I believe the greatest doctrinal issue confronting the church today is the exclusivity of the gospel, or the belief that salvation is possible only through a personal relationship to Jesus Christ. It is incredible to think that the most fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith could be called into question or debated among people who call themselves Christians, but that is precisely what is taking place in our world today.
Howard Dayton: Renting vs. buying

The cost of housing is probably the greatest expense for most Americans. In searching for housing, most of us have had to decide whether to buy or to rent, and the choice usually depends on how much you can afford to spend.
The Open Door

There are numerous opportunities that I have as executive director of the Georgia Baptist Convention. I enjoy none better than the opportunity to preach in our churches.
Get counseling before giving ultimatum to straying spouse


Silent saints of the church

Preachers’ wives are the silent saints of the church. Nell Grace Doverspike was such a woman who supported her husband’s ministry for more than 55 years before she joined him in Heaven on June 27. She was 81.
No virtue in avoiding homosexuals

A letter writer’s comments (‘Distressed’ over homosexual coverage, 7/19/07) about The Index running Baptist Press’ coverage of a New York City gay pride parade fails to speak for me, and probably for many others. While I certainly don’t approve of homosexuality, I don’t systematically avoid homosexuals, or news about them.