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Issue Date: 2007-08-16
Volume: 186
Number: 17


Hillcrest Baptist Church profiting from Healthy Kingdom journey

America is desperately in need of revival. The spiritual strength of the nation is in direct proportion to the spiritual strength of her churches. The statistical reports from most mainline denominations in the United States indicate that their churches are in decline and having little or no impact on their communities.
New Orleans North Georgia extension now offering more for Korean students

Theological education is challenging enough.
Changing culture through evangelizing the lost

For years the great majority of churches in America have either plateaued or experienced noticeable decline. Each year at least 10,000 churches in the Southern Baptist Convention baptize no one. The culture is becoming less Christian with each passing year.
WMU conference helps young women BLUME
More than 3,000 teenage girls, collegiate young women, and leaders were challenged to live the “Amazing Life” during July 10-13 Blume conference sponsored by Woman’s Missionary Union in Kansas City, Mo.
Study: Most profs hold unfavorable view of evangelicals
The majority of professors at America’s colleges and universities hold an unfavorable view of evangelical Christians that leads to intolerance in the classroom, a recent study on educators’ religious opinions confirmed.
Committee chooses Haggard's successor at Colorado megachurch

New Life Church, the Colorado megachurch that lost its senior pastor Ted Haggard to a sex and drug scandal last fall, expects to have a new leader soon.
Incident at church event draws questions of God's interaction
While members of Poplar Springs North Baptist Church waited for ambulances to carry four of their members to the hospital, an Interstate bridge in Minneapolis, Minn., fell into the Mississippi River, leaving 13 possible dead. Although members of the church offered thanks for God’s grace in online comments, others argued those claims of God’s interaction.
George Foreman: not just a boxer

Father. Grill master. Boxing champion. Pastor.
Man donates $205,000 for Bible translation

He was determined to get scripture into the hands of people who didn’t have it in their own language. It didn’t matter what it cost. If the International Mission Board wouldn’t help him, he would find someone who would.
NAMB, In Touch announce plans for sale of FamilyNet

Following a unanimous vote by FamilyNet’s board of trustees Aug. 7, North American Mission Board (NAMB) trustees Aug. 8 voted unanimously to accept a letter of intent from Charles Stanley’s In Touch Ministries outlining the ministry’s intention to purchase NAMB’s FamilyNet television network.
Winning Russian Jews to Christ in Denver is missionary's passion

Little Anatoliy Odnoralov often came home after school with a bloody nose – the result of just another day as a Christian at his school in the North Caucasus region of the old Soviet Union.
Georgia artists serve New Orleans with 'lagniappe'

Volunteers from Dublin’s Liberty Baptist Church added what Louisianans call “lagniappe” – a bonus or “something added” – to the end of full work days with Operation NOAH (New Orleans Area Homes) Rebuild recently by painting a children’s mural in New Orleans’ Edgewater Baptist Church in the evenings.
Barrett Duke: Southern Baptists' man in Washington

Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, is the most powerful city in the world, or as Pentagon officials helpfully pointed out after 9/11, a “target-rich environment.” This beautiful city located on the Potomac River symbolizes our nation’s democracy and freedom.
Dred Scott case offers hope for opponents of Roe v. Wade

The great-great granddaughter of Dred Scott is using her heritage to proclaim the rights of unborn babies to be counted as full individuals, with some pro-life advocates hopeful that just as the Dred Scott decision was overturned, Roe v. Wade may eventually face a similar fate.
Poplar Springs North celebrates two centuries

The story may sound familiar. Members of a community decide to start a church. They begin meeting in homes. They invite others to join. Eventually, they grow and a church is planted.
Singing the praises of Charles Wesley's work

As his fellow Methodists held their red hymnals and sang Charles Wesley’s hymns, Jonathan Kerry of London kept his hands in his pockets while singing the prolific British writer’s words from memory.
Author seeking input from Georgia pastors for new book
In an encore performance, nationally recognized writer Denise George is conducting research for a book titled What Pastors Wish Church Members Knew.
Vicar uses sheep to save money on lawn care
A church vicar in Devon has found the best answer to keeping his two-acre churchyard tidy and the grass mowed is a flock of sheep.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Shorter College receives $750,000 challenge grant toward library construction campaign
Shorter College President Harold E. Newman announced July 31that a friend of the college has made a $750,000 challenge grant toward the college’s Campaign for Library Excellence. This brings the total of gifts and pledges for the library campaign to more than $2.2 million.
Hasick slated as new director of Grady County Association
John Paul Hasick, former pastor of Gordon Heights Baptist Church in Cairo, was named the new associational missionary for Grady County Association Aug. 6.
Simoneaux named interim president at Truett-McConnell College
Mike Simoneaux, vice president for Academic Services, was named interim president for Truett-McConnell College in a meeting of the Board of Trustees Aug. 3.

Baptist News Summary

Names in the News
LifeWay Christian Resources has tapped Jay Wells, a pastoral ministries veteran of more than seven years, to direct its newly expanded African-American ministry.
Seven state conventions to gather for nine-day prayer meeting
The dream of a West Virginia pastor has spawned a nine-day prayer gathering with the theme “Broken Before the Throne,” and Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page is urging people nationwide to attend in expectation of God’s moving.
Seminarians, needy retirees get boost
A new insurance benefit for seminarians and added assistance for needy retirees were noted by GuideStone Financial Resources President O.S. Hawkins as enhancements that have been added to the Southern Baptist entity’s long-range ministry.
CP: 2.71% ahead of last year
Year-to-date contributions through the Southern Baptist Convention’s Cooperative Program are 2.71 percent ahead of the same time frame in 2006, according to a news release from SBC Executive Committee President and Chief Executive Officer Morris H. Chapman.
Judge affirms Missouri convention's legal standing with breakaway agencies
A major procedural hurdle was overcome by the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC) in its legal battle with five breakaway agencies July 18 when the trial judge affirmed the convention’s legal standing to bring its contract claims against the five agencies, and rejected a key defense theory that only the Missouri attorney general could bring such action.
First-ever Children's Ministry Day slated for February
The first-ever national Children’s Ministry Day is aiming to involve children in missions projects across the country.
Barbara, Jeb Bush to speak at Baptist college fundraisers
Former First Lady Barbara Bush will headline a three-day “Follow the Star” Christmas celebration to raise scholarship funds at Louisiana College.
Jeffress affirmed as new pastor of First Baptist Dallas
Members voted Robert Jeffress to become the next pastor of First Baptist Church here Aug. 12 following his preaching in view of a call.

Religious Newsbriefs

British officials demolish chapel to not offend non-Christians, replace with campfire circle
A woodlands chapel in Britain used by Boy Scouts and Girl Guides for nearly 70 years as an open-air place of peaceful worship has been demolished because scout officials feared it might offend non-Christians.
Authorities say Nepal's living goddess title to be reinstated after 'cleansing' ceremony
The 10-year-old Nepalese girl whose status as a Hindu “living goddess” was revoked after she visited the United States will now reportedly have her title reinstated.
Group calls for justice in murder of evangelist in Ethiopia, cite violence as grouping trend
Four months after an evangelist was killed by Muslim militants in Ethiopia, no one has been charged for the crime, a Washington, D.C. based human rights group reports.
Simpsons enlisted to help reach British youth
In an effort to teach children spiritual truth and moral values – and bolster flagging attendance – the Church of England is releasing a new book that uses episodes from the TV cartoon The Simpsons to illustrate biblical life principles.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

End of the ACP paper trail
This year churches can send Annual Church Profile information online

A few years after the Georgia Baptist Convention began in 1822, churches began submitting annual reports to the state offices. This paper trail has continued, with a few changes. It’s been called Uniform Church Letter, Church Letter, and Annual Church Profile.

Bible Study

Meeting Cultural Challenges

Daniel 1:3-5, 8-15, 17-21
Related Sunday School Lesson - Bible Studies for Life, Sept. 2
When Society Abandons Godly Ways

2 Kings 22:1-5; 23:2-4, 24, 26-27
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, August 26


The Open Door

Eagles Landing First Baptist Church will be hosting a “Do Missions NOW Acts 1:8 Rally” on Sept. 8 from 1 until 5 p.m. Anyone and everyone who is sincerely committed to being an Acts 1:8 Christian, to participating in an Acts 1:8 church, to being involved in an Acts 1:8 association, and to participating in an Acts 1:8 convention should make plans to be a part of this Acts 1:8 event.
Understanding bed-wetting leads to remedy

Our hope is in Washington – not!

I took a two-day trip to Washington about a week ago to visit with Barrett Duke, the vice president for public policy with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (See story page 1). I love our nation’s capital. I have visited D.C. on numerous occasions and am always enthralled with the sights and sounds of the city.
It's time to believe God

Faith, or belief, can only operate in the present. It takes no faith to believe what has been – that’s settled. Likewise, it takes no faith to believe what God can do, for with God all things are possible. Faith functions in what you believe God is going to do right now.


Editorial is "right on"

The recent editorial entitled “Is Jesus is the only way to Heaven?” was “right on” and food and encouragement to my soul.
A real need for a clear vision

Your August 2 edition carried a cartoon which showed a pastor finishing a presentation of his “vision for our church.” The staff members are shown either asleep or completely bored.
Let's keep Jekyll Island unique for church groups

Since the 1980s, hundreds of Georgia churches and thousands of students have been blessed by the ministry of the SuperWOW camp. Doug Couch and his staff have consistently brought in quality teachers, preachers, and musicians to inspire and encourage.
No health column is a concern

We have been receiving your paper for years and have noticed that you do not have a column that focuses on a Christian’s physical health. In our church, each week, the prayer list for physical healing is getting longer and longer.
Other points in finances

Howard Dayton’s article on renting versus buying a home had several good points to consider. However, there are still other issues that should be included in the evaluation.