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Georgia Music Ministries increases performances for choral groups


Sherri Brown

Sharon DeMille, left, a member of Tattnall Square Baptist Church in Macon, and Annette Robbs, right, a member of St. Simon's Community Church, look over their music during a Jubalheir rehersal.

In the three years Jon Duncan has overseen the ministries of the Jubalheirs and Sons of Jubal, heís witnessed an increasing evangelistic role of the groups among Georgia Baptists, the nation and the world.

Both choral groups are outreaches of the Music and Worship Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Convention. The Jubalheirs, founded in 1973, consist of women who serve in various capacities in music ministry across the state. The Sons of Jubal is a male chorus composed of ministers of music across Georgia.

"Every time [the groups] gather, it is so that we can strengthen, enhance and encourage the praise and proclamation ministries of the local churches," says Duncan, who was brought on to lead Music and Worship Ministries in February 2002.

In 2004, each group had its own missions trip, with the Jubalheirs going to Utah and Sons of Jubal traveling to Moldova. The extended trips resulted in fewer concerts across the state due to church responsibilities of the choral members.

This year, Duncan and each group will be performing in 15 different churches across the state. In addition, both groups will sing together Ė becoming the Jubal Chorus Ė at the Southern Baptist Church Music Conference at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta June 7. On June 20 the Jubal Chorus will sing opening night at Music Week at Ridgecrest Conference Center in Ridgecrest, NC.

Both the Jubalheirs and Sons of Jubal each have about 100 members, up from 90 last year.

A strong worship experience among members can change the face of a church, says Duncan.

"[When we sing] we are there to equip Godís people to discovering biblical worship that will change lives. My belief is that the biblical mandate of choral ministry is to proclaim the word.

While in Salt Lake City, the Jubalheirs participated in many activities other than singing. Members provided volunteer support in ministries to the poor, led in music ministry training, assisted in leadership training for VBS, participated in prayer walking and engaged Mormons in one-on-one evangelism.

The Sons of Jubal traveled to Moldova as part of a medical mission trip to that region. Prior to departure, the group raised enough money in statewide concerts to build three churches in the former Soviet republic.

On Feb. 4, the Jubalheirs will hold a concert at the Metro State Prison in Atlanta, a female incarceration facility.

"I feel our ministries need to be involved with those who seem to be forgotten by society," says Duncan, "We canít forgot the poor, the needy and lonely Ė the people Jesus refers to in Matthew 25.

"The prison has a ladies choir, who will sing with us. We will also raise money for the chaplain to buy Bibles for the inmates."

In addition to choral talents, men who play brass instruments can be a part of the Jubal Brass, directed by Paul Aday, minister of music at The Rock Baptist Church in Rex. The group is comprised of brass and percussion musicians.

To be a member of the Jubalheirs, anyone who assists in the music leadership of their church is eligible. Those who arenít in leadership but support their church music program can audition. Membership in the Sons of Jubal is open to ministers of music from around the state.

To schedule a concert, or inquire about becoming a member, contact Music and Worship Ministries at 1(770) 936 5264 or through or