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Revival Report


Arbor Baptist Church in Fitzgerald held revival services Feb. 6-9 with Gerald Harris, editor of The Christian Index, speaking. Six decisions were made, including four professions of faith. Lloyd Stembridge is pastor.


Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Camilla held revival services Feb. 6-9 with evangelist Conrad Salter speaking. Five professions of faith were made. Brian Salter is pastor.


Trinity Baptist Church in Thomaston held a Parent Child Harvest Night on Feb. 9 with evangelist Keith Fordham speaking. Six decisions were made, including five praying for salvation. Dusty Raines is pastor.


Calvary Baptist Church in Albany held revival services Feb. 13-16 with evangelist Keith Fordham speaking. Ten professions of faith were made. Chip Gresham is pastor.


First Baptist Church in Screven held revival services Feb. 12-17. Speakers were Herb Reavis, pastor of North Jacksonville Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fla.; J. Robert White, executive director of the Georgia Baptist Convention; Stanley Luke, ministry resource consultant for southeast Georgia; Bucky Kennedy, pastor of First Baptist Vidalia; J. Mike Minnix, vice president for evangelism, GBC; and youth evangelist Randy Lamb.

Pastor Randy DeLoach reports 24 professions of faith along with numerous rededications.


Northside Baptist Church in Brunswick held revival services Feb. 13 with staff evangelist Randy Lamb speaking. Pastor Craig Hartzog reports 20 decisions, including 18 professions of faith, at the one-day event. The services launched preparation for the association-wide wave revival to be held April 20-24 at Brunswick High School.


Bethany Baptist Church in McDonough has had an ongoing revival among students. Student Minister Joe Donohue reports 91 professions of faith within the past 17 months.


Midway Baptist Church in Cairo conducted a revival Feb. 6-11 with retired pastor Ronald Barrett as the guest speaker. Kenneth Cloud, pastor at Midway, reports there were two professions of faith and 85 other decisions.


Lake Seminole Baptist Church in Donaldsonville held a revival Feb. 15-19 with Kenneth Cloud as the guest speaker. The church reports there were 8 professions of faith and 78 other decisions.


Mount Zion Baptist Church in Jonesboro held revival services Feb. 20-23 with evangelist Keith Fordham as speaker. Pastor Chris Reynolds reports there were 29 professions of faith; an additional 5 joined by transfer of their church letter. Several others rededicated their lives to Christ.