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Issue Date: 2004-06-03
Volume: 183
Number: 12


Church-based "Acts 1:8 Challenge" launched to expand global outreach

Missions leaders from every level of Southern Baptist life celebrated a unified hope May 19 that every church in the convention would see itself as a worldwide mission center – developing strategies to advance the Great Commission at local, state, national and international levels.
First Church Lindale growing through a FAITHful approach to evangelism

First Church of Lindale is making quite a name for itself these days and putting the town on the Baptist radar screen as a going and growing church. The progress of the church is particularly impressive in view of the transitions that have taken place since the closing of one of the major community industries several years ago.
Three Atlanta churches merge for new possibilities in ministry

Faced with a declining membership, Clarkston Baptist Church had to make a decision.
Gaston reaches celebrity status as Millionaire contestant
Brewton-Parker College's public relations director wins big

Have you ever tried to get on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? There are certain times when an aspiring contestant can call 1 (800) 999-7878 in an attempt to qualify to sit in the “hot seat” across from Regis Philbin on the popular game show, but the telephone line is usually busy, busy, busy.
Georgia Revival Update
A look at what God is doing through revival and spiritual awakening

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Savannah Ministry Center breaking the cycle of poverty

It only takes one to break the cycle of poverty. Dwayne Baker knows that’s true. He was the one that made the difference in his own family.

Bible Study

The Lord's Supper

I have seen it often over the years. An announcement is made that the evening worship will be a Lord’s Supper service. All are invited to attend. The time of the service comes, and the crowd is noticeably less than usual.
Church Leadership

Leadership is everything. Whether we are talking about a quarterback on a football team or the president of the United States, leadership is everything. No entity is more leadership-dependent than the church. As go the leaders, so goes the church.


The Church Must Assert Itself

There was a time when the church in England flourished. In fact, the Baptists in the United Kingdom grew significantly in the 19th Century. That was the age of pulpit giants – Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Joseph Parker, Alexander McClaren and John Clifford – who drew congregations of many thousands.
Christian Higher Education

Christian higher education is anchored in the belief that all truth is God’s truth, so that the pursuit of knowledge through academic disciplines is consistent with faith in God. Contrary to the learning attained at secular schools and universities, Christian higher education provides students with a biblical worldview through which knowledge finds its proper context and coherence in the person of Jesus Christ.
The Open Door

So many good things are happening in the life of the Georgia Baptist Convention that it is impossible in the course of a column, even one that is written every two weeks, to share everything that is happening and recount the many glorious ways that God is at work. I do want to take the opportunity of this column on this occasion, however, to tell you about the incredible ministry of the Sons of Jubal recently completed in Moldova.
Trend toward early puberty may be changing course


Christians in public schools

I am writing in response to the editorial entitled “Christian schools no substitute for parental guidance” that appeared in the May 20 issue of The Index.
Christian education reflects parental worldview

I would like to respond to Dr. Harris’ editorial calling into question Mr. T. C. Pinckney’s resolution evidently encouraging “Southern Baptists to remove their children from public schools.” While I personally have no knowledge of this resolution nor of Mr. Pinckney’s educational theory at large, my comments are directed toward Dr. Harris’ rebuttal of Mr. Pinckney’s alleged proposition.
Public schools are war zones

In reference to the editorial in the May 20 edition about pulling kids out of school, I believe that you have not been to schools a lot lately.
Grateful for Brewton-Parker

I was pleased to read the article concerning the centennial celebration at Brewton-Parker College. I am proud to be a 1977 graduate of BP, and to have been able to participate in alumni activities. This year, at the Alumni Recognition Service on April 24th, ninety-two College Choir alumni sang under the direction of Hiddie Stanley, BP’s retired Distinguished Professor of Music. We came from nearby Mount Vernon and Glenwood and from as far away as Atlanta; Nashville, TN; and Las Vegas. We left renewed and filled with joy.
Upset with Muslim Prisoner abuse story

Just who do you really think has assaulted the most important cultural value? Someone who humiliates or someone who deliberately murders by knife point?
More churches a crucial need

SIR: Why do we need more churches in the Bible Belt? The question I am asking is why so many of the church folks say we already have enough churches when everywhere we look, 75% of our population are unchurched. Here are some conclusions I have come to: