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Issue Date: 2008-01-03
Volume: 187
Number: 1


Albany's Kendrick brothers on track with another Hollywood hit
Fireproof to be in theaters by August

After a summer of blistering heat that broke state records for temperatures above 100 degrees, it would seem only natural that Sherwood Pictures would begin work on a new release that dealt with heat.
GBC evangelism conference to decentralize in 2008
Four locations planned in pilot move

A move to decentralize the annual state evangelism conference and make it more accessible to pastors and laity will be piloted next month.
Timeline for Fireproof materials
Sherwood Pictures is leaving nothing to chance in getting the message out about the restoration of failing marriages.
Bosses turn to corporate chaplains to counsel employees

Every Thursday, Baptist minister Roland Barlowe begins his workday with a “huddle” in the housekeepers breakroom at the downtown Courtyard Marriott. He goes around the room, greeting each of the housekeepers, talking about worries and concerns.
Taking the "love dare"
As the Kendrick brothers evolve in their storytelling finesse, they are building more support materials into the mix to carry the movie beyond the theater and into the nation’s homes. Fireproof takes that venture one step further with the publication of a unique devotional book spun out of the movie’s storyline.
Bosnian New Testaments arrive to assist Atlanta-area ministries

An historic agreement that allows the Georgia Baptist Convention to be the sole publisher of Bosnian New Testaments in the United States is giving a shot in the arm to churches nationwide.

The International Mission Board owned the translation and allowed the Convention to purchase limited quantities from occasional press runs. But the system did not allow the GBC to have a steady flow of Bibles as needs dictated.

Plot overview
The first two Sherwood releases were set on used car lots and a football field. Fireproof is set in Albany and focuses on a fireman with a failing marriage. The film is packed with drama, excitement, humor, and plenty of action.
Volunteers remain the backbone of Sherwood Pictures cinematic efforts

Everyone on the set of Fireproof has a story to tell about why they wanted to be a part of the production, either as a volunteer on the soup and sandwich line, running cables, or acting. Executive pastor Jim McBride said the hundreds of individuals who offered their services are the key to the movie’s success in holding costs down and making it possible to bring the story to a national audience.
Online video a budget-pleasing trend in ministry
Georgia Baptists among millions now ‘Tubing'

On Sundays Ben Smith estimates he preaches to a crowd of 200. However, a $100 investment has led many more than that to hear his message.
Revival sweeps small North Georgia church

Less than 18 months ago, Harbor Lights Baptist Church in northwest Georgia had a For Sale sign on the outside and eight discouraged members on the inside.

Baptist News Summary

Buyer of Mississippi convention property agrees to no gambling
The Mississippi Baptist Convention Board has voted to move forward on a developer’s $18 million offer to purchase the property that served as the home of Gulfshore Baptist Assembly before being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.
Baptist Global Response to enhance assistance overseas, says executive director
The creation of Baptist Global Response should go a long way toward improving Southern Baptists’ ability to respond quickly in time of disaster, the organization’s executive director, Jeff Palmer, says.
Sculpture a concerted effort of church to use religious art in facility's design
It may sound “fishy,” but Shandon Baptist Church now has a 1,500-pound whale in its outdoor baptistry.
Names in the News
WMU celebrates Job Corps' first decade
In 10 years, the Christian Women’s Job Corps has grown to 192 training sites, added a men’s program and, in 2006 alone, assisted more than 2,100 individuals through the efforts of 15,000 volunteers.
CBS featured in SBC religion documentary
The same French brothers who filmed an award-winning documentary about Sept. 11, 2001, have put together a unique documentary with up-close and personal looks at 12 worldwide religious leaders, including Southern Baptist Convention President Frank Page.
Missouri Baptist execs de-fund Acts 29
The Executive Board of the Missouri Baptist Convention met Dec. 10 in part to discuss their concerns about alcohol use and alcohol-based evangelism strategies within the greater Missouri Baptist family.

Religious Newsbriefs

British church roofs get unique 'DNA' markers
British clergy, fed up with losing their church roofs to thieves, are striking back by daubing the lead and copper coverings with a high-tech liquid to provide each church with its own traceable “DNA.”
Study suggests fasting is good for your heart
Fasting for a day each month can reduce your chances of getting heart disease, according to a study released this week.
Holy Land's only Christian TV station closes
Nativity Television, the only Christian television station in the Holy Land, has been forced to shut down for lack of funding. Known in Arabic as “al-Mahed,” the 11-year-old station broadcast a mix of Arabic-language church services, films, and talk shows out of a studio near the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
Promoter hopes to find more 'Jesus' in Hollywood
Paul Eshleman, founder of the Jesus Film Project, doesn’t mind reciting the figures for how many people have been touched by perhaps the most widely watched movie of all time.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Ten financial firestorms in the church

This past year firestorms occurred without warning in two parts of our country: California and South Georgia. Once a firestorm begins, it destroys everything in its way until it burns out. A firestorm is no respecter of persons. It wipes out homes, cars, and lives without notice.

Bible Study

Breakthrough in Forgiveness

Psalms 32:1-11
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Jan. 13
Breakthrough in Justice

Psalm 7:1-17
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Jan. 20


Make it happen!

During the Thanksgiving holidays I saw a rather interesting television commercial highlighting the good customer service provided by The Royal Bank of Scotland.
Kids need assistance to establish their own identities

A fresh look for the New Year

Every now and then it’s nice to get a new suit of clothes that reflect modern styles and tastes. After all, you can only wear that wide-lapel suit for so long until you begin to look like your father.
The Open Door

Each year toward the conclusion of the year, I receive a report from Dr. Morris H. Chapman, president and chief executive officer of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.