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Issue Date: 2008-04-24
Volume: 187
Number: 9


In New Orleans, joy abounds as congregation returns
Members of Franklin Avenue Baptist scattered since Hurricane Katrina

“We’re baaaaaack, y’all!” pastor Fred Luter Jr. exulted, and the New Orleans congregation exploded with joy. “We’re baaaaaack,” he repeated three more times, and each time the congregation responded with more rejoicing.
Georgia Baptist women inspired, informed in missions commitment

More than 900 Georgia Baptist women, representing 196 churches in 85 associations, gathered April 11-12 for the 125th annual WMU missions encounter at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Carrollton.
The 411 on IMPACT 360
ESL training to be at McConnell Memorial
Georgia Baptist Literacy Missions ( will be sponsoring an English as a Second Language (ESL) workshop at McConnell Memorial Baptist Church June 12-14.
IMPACTing the world from Pine Mountain
“Gap year” program builds leaders with Christian worldview

Most recently graduated high school students don’t struggle with how to explain their faith to someone immersed in New Age philosophy, existentialism, or nihilism. The fact is many of them have never heard the terms, and can much less spell them on the first try.
IMB appoints 92 new missionaries
How urgent is the world’s need for the gospel?
Children are like arrows and seeds

Psalm 127 is attributed to Solomon, perhaps the wisest man who ever lived. He used an interesting simile when he avowed that children are like arrows. He stated, “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth” (Ps. 127:4).
Summer missions a way of building students, churches
GBC Collegiate Ministries sees high number in missionaries

They’re getting ready to go, leaving for places ranging from Alaska to Thailand. They come from an assortment of First Baptists as well as churches with names like Burning Bush and West Acres.
Breaks during school year lead to consistent missions emphasis

The eight college students landed in Cancun, Mexico at the beginning of spring break. Instead of going to the beach, though, they traveled inland to the neighborhood of Las Pencas and spent the week telling children about Jesus while helping establish the church Jesus Es El Camino (“Jesus is the Way”).
Intelligent Design foes no match for Stein in 'Expelled'

Actor, commentator, and comedian Ben Stein – whose documentary film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” opened April 18 – believes he’s involved in one of the leading cultural and political battles of his life: the fight for academic freedom against an establishment that teaches Darwinian evolution as fact.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Books and other materials belonging to pastor donated to Truett-McConnell Library
About 1,700 books, periodicals, and other items of historical interest belonging to Malcolm Chapman were recently donated to Truett-McConnell College by his wife, Ann, an alumna of the Georgia Baptist school.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Working for a movement in the Rust Belt

When people hear “Appalachia,” they usually don’t think of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Bible Study

Appreciate Your Relationships

Phil. 2:19-22, 25-30; 4:15-18
Related Sunday School Lesson Bible Studies for Life, May 4
Improve Your Communication Skills

Dt. 6:4-9; 2 Sam. 14:23-24, 28-33; Prov. 4: 3-6
Related Sunday School Lesson Bible Studies for Life, May 11


Dare to be the 'bad guys' of the future

I believe that America is still the hope of the world. We have the capability, the resources, and enough gospel light to change the world.
Silent witnesses stymie the gospel

A recent USA TODAY article described the rate of solved murders throughout the United States as down because of the silence of witnesses.
The Open Door

Allen Hill and I have just returned from an incredible mission experience in India.
"Commitment of will" in marriage outlasts emotional turmoil


Being good stewards of the earth

The controversy that has arisen concerning Jonathan Merritt reminds me of an incident that occurred in our former home church.
Oprah: bad theology, good giver

Thanks for the warning about Oprah, although I am not very likely to join her church.
Climate change - modern day Tower of Babel?

Now that the Southern Baptist Declaration on Climate Change document has been published and is open for comment, it seems appropriate that I share some of my concerns about the “Climate Change” movement that seems to be pervasive across our country.
Make a decision

The article on Jonathan Merritt explains clearly the absurd thinking of many Americans on social, economical, and political beliefs.