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Issue Date: 2004-06-17
Volume: 183
Number: 13


Carrollton volunteers build playground for Mississippi church

Volunteers from Tabernacle Church of Carrollton recently traveled to this South Mississippi town to erect a $50,000 playground at a predominately African American Baptist church.
Sons of Jubal bring message of hope in first Moldova tour

For many Moldovans it was their first opportunity to hear an American male choir in concert in their homeland. For others it was the first time to hear the gospel presented in word and song.
Baptist leaders remember Reagan's optimism founded on faith in God

While much is being said of how former President Ronald Reagan was an eternal optimist who believed America’s best days were ahead, several Southern Baptist leaders have noted his outlook was closely linked to his stated faith in God.
West Ridge: Purpose Driven Church of the year

Last month Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California hosted its sixth annual Purpose-Driven Church Conference. At the conference 79 churches from 20 nations received Church Health Awards and 18 of those churches are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.
Asian Indian ministry responding to growing need

“It presents a great challenge,” admits Dalip Kumar on the recent consecration of the Hindu temple in Riverdale. “I don’t worry about it though, because the Lord is with me.”
Sons of Jubal Moldova tour pictures
A man without a country finds a home with Southern Baptists

Fayiz Saknini was born twice in Nazareth, the hometown of Jesus Christ. The first came physically in June 1928, the second one spiritually in October 1945.

Religious Newsbriefs

Religious liberals gather in Cleveland
CLEVELAND (RNS) A coalition of religious liberals – many of whom were active in the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s – met May 16 in Cleveland at the first national conference of the Clergy Leadership Network for National Leadership Change.
Catholic Democrats blast denial of communion
In a May 10 letter to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, Catholic lawmakers who resent being targeted by bishops for their support of abortion rights have fired back.
Jakes looks to draw 150,000 people to Atlanta for "Mega Fest" June 23-26
Bishop T.D. Jakes, founder and senior pastor of the 28,000-member non-denominational Dallas church The Potter’s House, estimates Mega Fest, scheduled for June 23-26 in Atlanta, could draw upwards of 150,000 attendees.
Pastor resigns amid charges of plagiarism
A New Hampshire pastor has resigned after preaching sermons found on the Internet and consequently confessing to plagiarism.
Best Christian workplaces named in survey
Dallas Theological Seminary and the Gospel Music Association were among organizations named “Best Christian Places to Work” in a nationwide survey released by Christianity Today magazine.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Top 100 Fastest Growing Sunday Schools

Mike Gibbs remembers the exact hour that his church began to grow.

Bible Study

Spiritual Gifts

I suppose every parent has had a similar experience. You have spent an enormous amount of time, energy, and perhaps money on a gift for a child only to have the child not fully appreciate the gift. One cannot help but be a little disappointed when the box the gift comes in fascinates the child more than the gift itself.
Encouraged by Enduring

The book of Lamentations contains five melancholy poems written by Jeremiah. In each poem, the weeping prophet laments the destruction of Jerusalem and the decimation of the Temple by the invading Babylonians. The book is written in “limping meter,” which is a cadence used in funeral dirges.


Riding into the sunset to the shining city on a hill

Ronald Reagan was a man of indomitable courage, profound convictions, unflappable optimism and personal charisma. He stood like a giant sequoia on the American landscape, but Alzheimer’s disease, a foe he could not defeat, ultimately took his life on June 5.
Trusting God in the desert
It was 3 a.m. Although the sun’s rays had retreated hours before, its hot breath refused to dissipate from the steppes of Kuwait’s Ad Dibdibah plain. Airborne sandy powder hung above us and dimmed lights as if in a London fog.
Confronting an alcoholic requires careful maneuvering

The Open Door

Paul Kummer, a minister in Destin, Florida wrote an article for the Walton Sun newspaper titled, “One Person Who Never Broke A Promise.” It was impossible to miss that this was a proud dad who was writing about his very bright four-year-old daughter whose name is Hosanna.


Prayer sparks revival

SIR: In May 2003 Mike Minnix, vice president for evangelism for out state convention, conducted a S.A.V.E.D. seminar for us at New Hope Baptist Church. This was the beginning of preparation for revival beginning March 28 of this year. After the seminar we began to implement what we had learned about prayer and evangelism. We used Sharing Jesus Without Fear to teach our church members to share their faith.
Does not approve of Dobson Headline

A reader who just glanced at your headline to Dr. Dobson’s May 20 column and saw its emotionally charged adjectives – “nagging wife and overworked husband equal troubled marriage” – would get an erroneous impression of the tone and content of Dr. Dobson’s statement about the greatest threat to today’s families.
Women should not be ordained

SIR: I recently discovered that more than one Baptist church in our area, which are members of the Southern Baptist Convention, have women as associate pastors as well as serving as deacons. While I have nothing against women being in leadership position, I do not understand how the Southern Baptist Convention can condone having women as pastors or deacons of the local body when it is strictly forbidden by Scripture.