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Warning to churches: Psalm 91 witnessing bandanas for U.S. troops are copyrighted


Georgia Baptist churches considering sending Psalm 91 witnessing bandanas to troops stationed overseas are cautioned that the product is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced. The items, which have grown in popularity since the war in Iraq began two years ago, can be purchased by visiting or by calling (866) 823-8501.

Jill Boyce, a single mother and member of a nondenominational church in Dallas, Texas, began the ministry with her income tax return in 2003 and had the first copies produced shortly before the war began. She was profiled in both the July and November 2004 issues of Guideposts magazine as she shared the story of their origin.

The items first gained popularity when they were worn by troops who captured Saddam Hussein.

Boyce can be contacted via email at

A story in the April 28 issue of The Christian Index mentioned that Friendship Association was producing the bandanas to send to members of the 48th Infantry Brigade serving in Iraq. The association did not know that the item, which was being promoted as a Psalm 91 bandana, was copyrighted.

While not identical to Boyce's product, the Friendship association banana is similar in that it features the scripture verse by which the product is known, places the verse on a tri-colored desert sand camouflage bandana, and promotes it as a Psalm 91 bandana.

The association's bandana is different from the original in that it uses a different translation, features a plan of salvation, and displays a Web address for prayer request of the soldiers. It also contains the 48th Infantry Brigade's insignia.

For information on the association's ministry to Georgia National Guard troops visit