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Issue Date: 2008-07-17
Volume: 187
Number: 15


Weathersby discusses evangelism strategy

The North American Mission Board has unveiled a national evangelism initiative called God’s Plan for Sharing (GPS). The goal is to fulfill the Great Commission in North America by 2020. The point man for this continental GPS is Ken Weathersby, senior strategist for evangelism at the Alpharetta-based agency.
Bob and Gloria Baxter honored for nearly half-century of ministry at Mt. Harmony Church
Georgia Baptists’ longest serving pastor retires

It’s a significant accomplishment when a pastor spends nearly 60 years in the ministry. It’s rare when he spends almost half a century with one congregation.
God's remnant churches in the city

The Christian Index published an article entitled “Temples in, churches out?” in the Nov. 8, 2007 issue. The article detailed the decline, departure, and death of more than four dozen Georgia Baptist churches inside the I-285 Perimeter since 1980.
Germany meetings herald new era of cooperation

Two “historic” meetings in Germany in May marked significant progress for the Southern Baptist initiative to develop a network of relationships among conservative evangelicals worldwide.
Land: Candidates should be free, not forced, to share their faith

Candidates for the White House and other offices should be free to say how their religious beliefs impact them but should not be expected to explain the specifics of their faith, Southern Baptist church-state specialist Richard Land said at a forum on religion in the 2008 election.
Five vision trips slated for inside the Perimeter

The Urban Atlanta Impact Initiative, a consortium to increase church planting, evangelism, and leadership development inside the I-285 Perimeter, is sponsoring a series of one- and two-day tours in the coming weeks.
Why do we need a prayer conference?

I believe a prayer conference is needed for many reasons. One reason is to seek spiritual renewal in the Church. Churches needing spiritual renewal will not be renewed without prayer. I want to identify seven realities that are breaking our connection (prayer) with God and preventing spiritual renewal in the Church:
Gas crisis becomes missions opportunity

Every crisis creates opportunities, even for missions. For three hours on a hot summer afternoon in the Georgia mountains, residents recently caught a short break from America’s gasoline crisis.
Cleaning St. Peter's requires a careful, acrobatic touch from select group

As the tomb of the first pope and the principal church of most of his 264 successors, St. Peter’s Basilica is Roman Catholicism’s greatest shrine. It’s also a treasure trove of artistic riches, with works by such artists as Michelangelo, Raphael, and Bernini.
Truett-McConnell, Shorter offering new degrees

Starting this fall, Georgia Baptist college students at Shorter and Truett-McConnell will have another option as career choices go.
Retired missionaries gave 'enduring' service

It may have seemed a bit awkward – and certainly dangerous – as far as baptisms go. But looking back over 34 years of missionary service, it’s a moment Bill Fudge can describe only as holy.
New church planter for Brookhaven
As church planting missionary at Brookhaven Baptist, Mark Taylor’s ministry area will be Cosmos – young cosmopolitans – who are quickly moving into the community undergoing gentrification. Taylor and his wife, Ashley, relocated from Louisville, Ky.
North Korea: revival's residue remains
In college, Yong* learned the questions to ask when meeting a foreigner: “What is your name? What do you do for a living? What is your religion?”
Georgia Baptist couple among 72 new IMB missionaries

Journeyman Trevor Yoakum lay face down in mud on the side of a narrow highway in Nigeria. Gunfire exploded in his ears. Squealing tires followed and then the crunch of cars crashing.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Vacancies on 2008 Committee on Nominations
Earlier this year, Convention President Bucky Kennedy announced the names of persons to serve on the 2008 Committee on Nominations.

Baptist News Summary

More than 3,000 churches represented at SBC meeting
Official registration figures for the 2008 Southern Baptist Convention have been released by SBC registration secretary Jim Wells.
Pastor reads 68 books in a year
Averaging more than a book per week, Southern Baptist pastor Mike Winters read 68 books during 2007.
Names in the News

Religious Newsbriefs

Bibles to be available at China Olympics
Despite controversy earlier this year, thousands of Bibles and gospel booklets will be distributed to athletes and visitors at this summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing – with the approval of the Chinese government.
Princeton magazine illuminates Islamic culture
Muslim culture features many prominent achievements in architecture, literature, and science. Yet awareness of these accomplishments is low, according to a group of Princeton University students.
Bush touts success of faith-based initiative
President Bush on June 26 touted the successes of his initiative to partner faith-based and community organizations with government funds, calling it a key part of his presidency.
Russian Orthodox join U.S. Orthodox group
For the first time in its 50-year history, an umbrella group of Eastern Orthodox Christian leaders now represents every American church in communion with the spiritual leader of world Orthodoxy.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

At work on Sundays
Churches see the benefits of evangelism, outreach emphasis

In the last census, there was barely more than a thousand people living in Maysville. But in this town with no red light, about 700 people worship at Maysville Church every Sunday morning – that’s about 200 more than last year.

Bible Study

Just How Heavenly is Heaven?

Rev. 21:1-5, 22-27; 22:1-5
Related Sunday School Lesson Bible Studies for Life, July 27
A Focused Life

Heb. 1:1-6, 10-14; 2:1-4
Related Sunday School Lesson Bible Studies for Life, Aug. 3


Don't ever take your anger out on your children

Troubles in the village

By now, everybody has probably heard the sad tale about the pregnant teens of Gloucester, Mass.
The Open Door

Recently I had the joy of representing Georgia Baptists at the Canadian National Baptist Convention meeting at Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.
Christopher Wade Tyler's death gives life to others

There are no finer Christian people in the known world than Cliff and Betty Tyler. I had the privilege of being their pastor at Eastside Baptist Church in Marietta for over nine years. Cliff is on The Christian Index Board of Directors and has served as chairman of the board. He has been a faithful prayer partner for years.


Regardless of man, God's Word is true

I am a full-fledged Southern Baptist and have been since I was in RAs as a young boy. I have read your publication with interest for years. It is evident that you have (and are zealous about promoting) proper pride in what we as Southern Baptists believe, do, and are all about.
Counseling eliminates marriage license fees

In July 2005 Georgia legislators passed a law that allowed couples seeking marriage to receive six hours of appropriate marriage counseling from their pastor or other qualified counselor and be exempt from paying for their license. With divorce now reaching over 50% of all marriages this is a good incentive.
Agrees with Drace coments

I wholeheartedly agree with Bro. Drace’s comments in “Observations of an evangelist ... revised” in the recent Index guest commentary, though he could have said much more.
Hiawassee reader challenges CBF presenter's comments

This is in response to BP writer David Roach’s article “CBF presenter questions Christ’s deity at General Assembly” in the July 3 edition of The Index.
Takes issue with CBF presenter's comments

Me thinks John Killinger (“CBF presenter questions Christ’s diety,” July 3, Index) is more interested in selling his books than in obedience to the Christ, whose divine status he puts in serious doubt.