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Georgia Baptist pastor's son escapes certain death in Iraq


Our men and women serving in the United States military continuously deserve our respect and our prayers, particularly those serving in harm's way. One United States Marine, whose name cannot be mentioned for security reasons, recently returned from Iraq where he served his second tour of duty amidst the fire and furor of a country that is emerging from the darkness of Sadam Hussein's reign of terror.

This valiant U.S. Marine is the son of one of our Georgia Baptist pastors and a part of the reconnaissance missions to rid Fallujah of the radical insurgents intent on keeping Iraq incarcerated in the penitentiary of oppression.

The remains of the bombed and burned out humvee pictured at right served as the vehicle for the aforementioned Marine. Amazingly, none of the four men who had been in the humvee were in the vehicle when it was hit by the rocket-propelled grenade and mortar that devastated it and left it in ruins.

Shown is the burned-out shell of an American humvee struck by an insurgent rocket-propelled grenade. One of the four men who used the vehicle is the son of a Georgia Baptist pastor. At the time of the attack, no soldiers were inside the humvee.

The horrific explosion ignited the ammunition in the vehicle, including C-4 explosives, grenades, bullets and anything the unit had available to fight in the war. The intense heat and fire quickly spread to four other similar vehicles as well as nearby houses and a mosque. The damage was extensive, but miraculously the 24 Marines in the area escaped without injury.

The Georgia pastor's son was constantly facing danger as he and his Marine team members went door to door in Fallujah to effectively deal with the remnants of Sadam's regime. He stated, "Sadam emptied the prisons of Iraq to fight the war against the United States. Much of the hostility we confronted consisted of thugs and criminals who had been imprisoned for the most heinous acts of lawlessness."

The Marine units would sometimes pursue the enemy for 72 hours straight and learn to sleep standing up. During these long vigils dramatic weight loss was not unusual and extreme fatigue was commonplace.

The brave Marine added, "Many of the towns would have their own militia to protect its citizens from these villains and from foreign mercenaries who had come to fight the war and also to pillage the country. It was like what I have read about the wild, wild west - whoever had the most guns and tenacity would generally take control of the town."

The Marine emphatically stated, "I believe our cause in Iraq is just. This war on terrorism must be fought somewhere. Terrorists and their sympathizers from all over the world are gathering in Iraq and we must stem this menacing and murderous tide now where it has been challenged."

"The reports from Iraq about Hussein's rule are bone-chilling," so said the Georgia born Marine. He continued, "The Iraqi people say that he killed children in front of their parents and even had some children skinned alive. He put some people in wood chippers and would have women raped in front of their husbands. He would have men tied to a table and have drops of acid repeatedly fall on them for weeks until they died from the blistering acid."

The unidentified Marine attests to the value of President Bush's plan for the Iraqi people. He indicated, "We must change their way of thinking and help them understand that freedom works; when it begins to work effectively in Iraq it will begin to significantly impact the entire Middle East. Also, our process of training the people to govern themselves and protect themselves from tyranny is going well."

He added, "I have seen our troops help the sick and those who were injured. I have observed other soldiers help build back schools, deliver people from thugs and criminals, rebuild homes and hospitals and give the people hope, but unfortunately that is not typically reported in the mainstream media."

The American media has often stated that the soldiers in Iraq lacked the necessary armament and weaponry necessary to fight the war, but this Marine declared, "We always had all we needed to fight the war and protect ourselves. Furthermore, helicopters were always hovering nearby to evacuate injured soldiers and excellent medical service was always available where competent doctors were ready to meet the needs of those in physical peril."

We must not forget to pray for our military, particularly our men and women in Iraq. Pray for their safety and protection. Pray for our Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush, and pray for the terrorists as well - that they might see the foolishness of tyranny and the value of freedom.