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Issue Date: 2008-10-09
Volume: 187
Number: 21


Online meetings becoming the new option

Pastor Mike Hardy of First Baptist Church in Greensboro loves the rural setting of Georgia Association.
Amish not immune to high fuel prices

As sawdust mixed with sweat on his brow, mill owner Isaac Stutzman laughed at the thought of outsiders assuming his horse-and-buggy Amish community is immune to skyrocketing fuel prices.
Minister in national dispute over political endorsement
North Georgia pastor cautions others against following his lead

Jody Hice has a word of caution to other pastors interested in following his lead of endorsing political candidates from the pulpit: “Don’t try this alone.”
Baylor University study finds heaven's doors opening a bit wider

Heaven is no longer viewed as an exclusive place by many Americans, according to a new survey from Baylor University.
Fireproof garners strong reviews, attendance
Movie produced by Albany church heads into third week of rollout

Theaters nationwide continue to pack in the crowds to see the Kendrick brother’s newest cinematic release, “Fireproof,” following its Sept. 25 Hollywood premier.
Americans wary of church political endorsements

As a hotly contested presidential election approaches, Americans strongly believe churches should tread lightly when it comes to political activity.
Celebration welcomes preparations for Franklin Graham Festival

Nearly 300 people representing 10 different denominations crowded the Thomas P. “Tommy” Hughes Grand Ballroom in Gwinnett Center Sept. 30 at the Announcement Celebration for the Greater North Atlanta Franklin Graham Festival.
Christian broadcasters nervous about Fairness Doctrine

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is making Christian broadcasters nervous.
Group files complaints against churches
Georgia pastor Jody Hice is among six individuals who have had formal complaints filed against them for participating in Pulpit Freedom Sunday.
Hunt calls for a 'Great Commission resurgence'
Woodstock pastor addresses Executive Committee for the first time as SBC president

Johnny Hunt, pastor of First Baptist Woodstock and president of the Southern Baptist Convention, called for a “Great Commission resurgence” during his first presidential address to the SBC Executive Committee in Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 22.
Chaplains rush in to aid workers caught in market meltdown

As the market mayhem continues to rock Wall Street, dazed employees in the financial sector who have lost their faith in the economy are turning to religious leaders for guidance.
Reminder on voter identifcation
Georgia Baptists are reminded that state law requires voters to produce photo identification when they cast their votes in person.
Former Georgia Baptist and NOBTS president Leavell dies
Landrum P. Leavell II, president emeritus of New Orleans Seminary, died Sept. 26 in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was 81.
Former SBC president Vines on expository preaching

The Index recently interviewed Jerry Vines, former SBC president and former pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Fla., on the art of preaching.
Analysis: Market drop dosen't mean time to panic

Long-term retirement investors should stay focused on their goals, not on short-term market fluctuations, including even the Sept. 15 sell-off that resulted in the single worst trading day since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
Voter Issue Guide
2008 Presidential Race
New ministers and families introduced to GBC at orientation

More than 50 ministers and their families new to Georgia Baptists converged on the Missions and Ministry Center Sept. 25 for a two-day orientation introducing them to benefits available through GBC ministries.

Baptist News Summary

Baptist relief from hurricanes at 3.7 million meals and counting
Southern Baptist disaster relief volunteers have prepared 3.7 million hot meals for victims and trained volunteers in the 30-day aftermath of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike in Louisiana and Texas.
Arson suspected at historic Iowa church
Investigators have not ruled out arson in an early morning fire that destroyed the educational wing and pastor’s office of Bethany Baptist Church in Keokuk, Iowa, Sept. 19.
Land joins protest of Ahmadinejad dinner
Southern Baptist ethicist Richard Land was among those who rallied to protest Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s dinner meeting with members of the World Council of Churches in New York City Sept. 25.
Agreement allows Cuban storm survivors to get Baptist relief
Southern Baptists will send two containers of relief supplies to Cuba to help victims of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike rebuild their homes and lives.
North Carolina church travels to Hawaii for Vacation Bible School
“Oh, a mission trip to Hawaii ... yeah, right.”

Religious Newsbriefs

Jews wondering how Canadian prime minister knew to send them Jewish greeting cards
Canada’s governing Conservative Party is facing questions about religious profiling and privacy after Jewish Canadians received Rosh Hashanah greeting cards from Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Survey: Four in 10 Americans think clergy has right to endorse candidates
Four in 10 Americans believe that religious leaders should be permitted to endorse political candidates from the pulpit without risking their organization’s tax-exempt status, a new survey by the First Amendment Center shows.
Bill would protect mezuzahs in housing laws
Ten weeks after a federal appeals court ruled that fair-housing laws do not protect the rights of a Jewish resident to nail a mezuzah to a door frame, legislators have proposed changing the law.
British court convicts Muslim man of child cruelty for involving teens in violent ritual
A British court has convicted a Muslim man of child cruelty for allowing two teenagers to flog themselves as part of a religious rite.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Revival Reports

Cooperative Program Stories

Helping can hunger in Forest Park
Gradually, as the neighborhood population changed, so did the church’s ministry emphasis.

The ethnic and economic makeup of the neighborhood surrounding First Baptist Forest Park is as varied as the vegetable soup that church members hand out twice a month.

Bible Study

All Christians Struggle with Sin

Rom. 7:9-25
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Oct 19
The Holy Spirit Is Essential to a Holy Life

Rom. 8:5-17, 26-27
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The Open Door

I am encouraged. There is a growing tide of interest in and commitment to prayer.
Making 'Fireproof'

December 2005. My brother, Alex, finished a brisk morning jog that planted his running shoes in my driveway. He was winded but clearly excited when he called me on his cell. “Come outside, Stephen! I’ve got the storyline for the next movie!”
Confronting problems is better than the alternative

FamilyNet offers family-friendly, values-based television programming

FamilyNet, recently purchased by Charles Stanley’s In Touch Ministries, has become a great steward of the public’s airwaves and should be commended for its programming.
Tips for tough times

With fuel prices soaring and real estate foreclosures on the rise, we’re living in some pretty scary economical times, aren’t we? As believers, how are we to conduct ourselves? Is there a way to sensibly tighten our money belts and still continue to show generosity? Yes.