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Issue Date: 2008-10-23
Volume: 187
Number: 22


Shorter, Truett-McConnell presidents speak on worldviews
Shorter College, Rome
This summer the Board of Trustees of Shorter College approved a new four-year contract for Harold Newman as president. Recognizing the significance of the new contract, The Index interviewed Newman on his vision for the college and views on issues of interest to Georgia Baptists.
Groups to meet during GBC meeting
Baptist family appears on BBC reality show
A Southern Baptist family in Alabama hosted two unruly British teens for a week as part of a BBC reality show “World’s Strictest Parents,” and the family gave a positive portrayal of a Christian approach to child rearing.
Shorter, Truett-McConnell presidents speak on worldviews
Truett-McConnell College, Cleveland
Index editor Gerald Harris interviewed new Truett-McConnell president Emir Caner to acquaint Georgia Baptists with his vision for the college and provide some visibility to his personal beliefs and heart-felt convictions. Caner was named the Cleveland school’s eighth president Aug. 8.
Raid at Arkansas compound summons ghosts of previous abuse

If only she prayed hard enough, she could make Susan Alamo rise from the dead.
NAMB trustees approve budget, place Kicklighter over church planting

North American Mission Board trustees approved a $133.8-million operating budget for 2009 during their joint fall commissioning service and Oct. 8 board meeting in Metairie near here. The new total is an increase of $3.4 million, or 2.6 percent more than the agency’s current $130.4-million budget.
Does truth even matter anymore?

Distortions, stretches, half-truths, and omissions are familiar features of political campaigns. But independent fact-checkers and analysts say that outright falsehoods in candidates’ ads may be reaching a level not seen since TV commercials entered presidential politics more than a half-century ago.
Scholars debate new Bible set to historical timeline

Bob Sanford wanted to create a Bible that would bring order and clarity to the text. Instead, he’s waded into one of the great debates of biblical scholarship.
Maher takes on religion, but some interviewees cry foul

Bill Maher has never been shy about speaking his mind. He doesn’t mince words.
Platform comparison published by ERLC

Voters have a lot on their minds as they ponder which candidate to support in the upcoming presidential election – a shaky economy, the war on terrorism, the energy crisis, increasing pressure to redefine marriage as something other that what the Bible says it should be.
'Fireproof' adds 100 screens
'Love Dare' tops New York Times list

Heading into its fifth weekend in theaters, the movie “Fireproof” – as well as its companion book “The Love Dare” – show no signs of cooling off.
An open letter to Georgia Baptists

The world is standing on the edge of economic chaos, we are a country at war, and we are in what many believe to be the most critical election in modern history.
GuideStone fields investment questions
The following Frequently Asked Questions information was released Oct. 14 by GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Church-goers drafted as special deputies?

Citing recent high-profile shootings across the country, a Tennessee sheriff has introduced a new plan to train parishioners as law enforcement officers.
Resolutions guidelines released for 2008 GBC annual meeting
The 2008 annual meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention will be held at First Baptist Church in Jonesboro on Nov. 10-11.
Shorter, Truett-McConnell presidents speak on worldviews - Overview
Tomorrow is too late: Eric and Ramona Reese reach urban poor with urgency
Albany couple serving in Brazil

International Mission Board missionary Eric Reese taps on the interior ceiling light, illuminating the cab of his Chevy pickup. He doesn’t need to see inside his vehicle. But after six years of working with the urban poor in the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he knows those outside the cab need to see in.

Baptist News Summary

NAMB commissions 108 for service
Declaring “you have been sent by the Father,” North American Mission Board president Geoff Hammond and other NAMB leaders commissioned 108 missionaries and chaplains to the North American mission field during a celebration service at First Baptist Church in New Orleans.
Admirers of Billy Graham encouraged to send a birthday note
Do you have a story about how Billy Graham’s ministry has impacted your life? If so, his friends and family members would like to hear it – and then deliver your story to the evangelist, who turns 90 on Nov. 7.
SBC finishes ahead of budget, CP giving down
The Southern Baptist Convention finished its Oct. 1 – Sept. 30 fiscal year 1.89 percent ahead of budget, but Cooperative Program receipts for the year were down .65 percent and combined giving for the year was down .87 percent, according to a news release from SBC Executive Committee President and Chief Executive Officer Morris H. Chapman.

Religious Newsbriefs

Four students suspended for a year from Quaker school over Obama stunt
Four students at George Fox University confessed to hanging an effigy of Sen. Barack Obama from a tree on campus and were suspended for up to a year, school officials announced Sept. 30.
Publisher defends decision to pull Muhammad novel due to security concerns
Random House is defending its decision to pull a new novel that explores the personal life of the prophet Muhammad, citing concerns about offending Muslims and inciting violence.
Atheists file suit over National Day of Prayer
A Wisconsin-based group of atheists and agnostics has filed suit against President Bush over the federal law designating a National Day of Prayer.
Vatican rejects France's new gay ambassador
France has reportedly withdrawn its nomination of an openly gay man as ambassador to the Holy See, following objections from the Vatican.

People and Places

Revival Report
Ministerial Moves
New church starts

Cooperative Program Stories

Creating goodwill and harmony between a pastor and the finance committee
The church finance committee can be the most powerful committee in the church. Members often control not only the church finances, but, in reality, also the growth of the church.

Bible Study

Jesus Is the Only Savior

Rom. 9:33-10:15
Related Sunday School Lesson Bible Studies for Life, Nov 2
Not Conformed but Transformed

Rom. 12:1-8, 14-21
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Nov 9


Let principles guide you, not partisan politics

We are soon coming to a day when politics will be devoid of any conflict over moral principles. In our postmodern culture Christianity is being marginalized in our educational institutions, in the commercial and business sectors of our society, in the mainstream media, and most certainly in the political arena.
Economics and the soul of America

For perhaps the first time in my life since the final exam, I wish I had paid more attention in Economics 101. About all I can now recall is that economics has something to do with guns and butter and that my ex-hippie professor plainly thought more butter was better.
The Open Door

Every year about this time the Healthcare Ministry Foundation Board meets to review grant applications that have been submitted for awarding in February. Frank Upchurch, President and CEO, and his outstanding staff spend many hours reviewing the applications in preparation for this very important board meeting.
Teach your children to do the 'Write' thing


'Don't instruct me on how to vote'

Regarding pastor Jody Hice’s involvement in a national dispute over political endorsement, I don’t understand why this law should apply to some and not to others. It’s well rumored that certain ethnic churches have pastors that have been instructing their congregations on how to vote for many years.
Women pastors not SBC way

Recent events, including the “Gospel Today” magazine controversy which featured women pastors on its cover and was pulled from LifeWay (Southern Baptist bookstore) shelves, have again highlighted the differences of opinion on women pastors.
Awaiting new book by Jerry Vines

I can’t wait for Jerry Vines’ Sunday School/Bible Study curriculum to be published. It will offer smaller groups in-depth study of nearly all the New Testament in four years.
Thanks for your partnership support

We, the Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania/South Jersey, express our grateful appreciation to all the partnership teams that have come from Georgia to help us expand God’s Kingdom this past year.
Avoid politics from the pulpit

In the area of politics and the pulpit there has not been a more controversial year on record. One group recently challenged the 1954 IRS ruling and defied the “gag” order on pulpits by the IRS and openly endorsed a candidate.
Voters Guide appears to be an endorsement

I realize that you haven’t endorsed either presidential candidate, but the chart that appeared in the latest edition (Oct. 9, page 7) looks like an endorsement. Unfortunately the chart is incorrect, and anyone using it could find that they voted for the wrong candidate.