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Issue Date: 2008-11-06
Volume: 187
Number: 23


The many-faceted life of Stacey Kennedy

If you were to sit in her classroom at J.D. Dickerson Primary School you would quickly find out Stacey Kennedy is in control of her students.
Justice Department permits World Vision's hiring policy

The U.S. Justice Department recently disclosed a 2007 ruling by its Office of Legal Counsel that permitted the relief agency World Vision to keep a $1.5 million grant despite its policy of hiring only Christians.
Protecting children the focus of new IMB policy
The sexual abuse of children is a growing problem in nearly every area of society – including churches and ministry organizations. To ensure children’s safety, many congregations and organizations are taking a closer look at adults who interact with children.
Love the theme at First Baptist Woodstock

First Baptist Church is providing a model of what a New Testament church should be by proving actions speak louder than words.
Evangelicals now more environmentally conscious, Barna says

Millions of evangelicals have become more environmentally conscious in the last year, according to a study by The Barna Group dubbed as the most comprehensive look at the Christian community and environmental issues.
Baptists enhance missions learning options

Missions learning is the foundation of missions sending. That’s the conviction of the North American Mission Board in helping churches create missions-learning opportunities for their members.
Atlanta couple's training of church planters expands
The Georgia Baptist Convention’s church planting efforts inside the I-285 Perimeter has received a boost through the dual appointment of Tim and Pam Wolfe as missionaries.
'Fireproof' earns $23 million at box office
“Fireproof” opened its sixth weekend in nearly 900 theaters across the country Oct. 31. In its fifth week, the movie produced out of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany passed the $23 million mark, losing only 17.1 percent from the previous weekend, according to studio estimates.
Index clarifies statement in Annual Church Profile
It has been called to the attention of The Index that the 2008 Annual Church Profile contains the statement: “Please indicate the number of people baptized this year by immersion for salvation and/or for Southern Baptist affiliation.”
Your turn to serve?
Texas cleanup underscores manpower challenge

Even before Hurricanes Gustav and Ike finished tearing up eastern Texas, Jimmy Harris had made plans to be away.
Bastions of patriotism
First Baptist Hinesville and Fort Stewart:

First Baptist Church is viable and dynamic. It is filled with committed as well as transient church members.
Longtime Mableton pastor dies

Bob Baxter, who served as pastor of Mount Harmony Baptist Church for almost 50 years, died Sunday, Oct. 26 after a battle with cancer. He was 77.
Anglican bishops find unity in cathedral's tortured past

For centuries, the cathedral at the heart of this city has drawn millions to its doors, from Chaucer’s rowdy pilgrims to throngs of Anglican bishops and clumps of camera-toting tourists.
Even without arms or legs, art is her expression of love

In 1988, a baby named Swapna was born without arms or legs in India, a country where women with disabilities have little control over their lives.
Brewton-Parker's Smith discusses school's future, foundation

The following interview with David Smith, president of Brewton-Parker College, completes a series of interviews with each of our Georgia Baptist college presidents.
Pastor freed, hospitalized after kidnap

Southern Baptist pastor Manuel Jesus Tec is free after 11 days of torture at the hands of unknown kidnappers who abducted him in Tijuana, Mexico, on Oct. 21.
At the edge of darkness: Colombia's indigenous tribes transformed by gospel

Sweat dripped from Dut’s short, slender body as she hollowed out a grave in the floor of the Colombian rain forest.
Report calls U.S. church giving 'lukewarm'

Americans spent nearly twice as much on first-day sales of the video game “Grand Theft Auto IV” as would be needed by the Southern Baptist Convention to share the gospel with all the world’s “unreached people groups” by 2010, according to a new report on church giving.
Pastor answers call to free innocent prisoners

Two months ago, Daryl Burton was sitting in a jail cell in Jefferson City, Mo., serving the 24th year of his sentence for the shooting death of a gas station attendant.
Court rules on pastoral conversations
A conversation with a religious leader is not protected from being revealed in court unless it occurred in private and the leader was acting as a spiritual adviser, a New Jersey appeals court ruled Aug. 20.

Baptist News Summary

Baylor expresses regret for cash incentives to incoming freshmen
Baylor University’s vice president for marketing and communications told Baptist Press Oct. 16 the school regrets offering students cash incentives for retaking the SAT, a program he said was motivated by a desire to permit students access to additional financial aid.
Names in the News
Soulforce, Southwestern Seminary reps meeting deemed 'cordial'
A private one-hour dialogue Oct. 27 between members of Soulforce, a homosexual activist group, and representatives of Southwestern Seminary, was described as “cordial and kind spirited.”
Alaska Baptist Convention hosts first missionary commissioning
For the first time ever in Alaska, the International Mission Board conducted a missionary commissioning service. The ceremony was held in conjunction with the state convention’s annual meeting Sept. 30-Oct. 1 at First Baptist Church in Palmer.
Southeastern enhances A.Div. program
Trustees of Southeastern Seminary approved changes to the seminary’s associate of divinity program during their Oct. 13-14 meeting at the Wake Forest, N.C., campus.

Religious Newsbriefs

No lawsuit against God, address unlisted
A judge has dismissed a Nebraska legislator’s lawsuit against God, saying the Almighty could not be served notice of the litigation.
BBC head says treat Muslims differently
The head of the British Broadcasting Corp. says the media should treat Islam more sensitively than Christianity because Muslims are a religious minority in Britain.
Rastafarian files suit on UPS over dreads
After being hired as a driver for UPS Freight, Nieland Bynoe, a Rastafarian, attended an orientation last year and was told he would have to shave his beard and cut off his dreadlocks to comply with the company’s grooming policy.

People and Places

Revival Reports
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

A mobile gospel

For weeks, Lynne Mock slathered a Q-tip with Orajel and slid it in the back of her mouth to help deaden the toothache.

Bible Study

Key Christian Duties

Rom. 13:1-14
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Nov 16
My Heart-Healthy Church

Rom. 14:1, 10-13, 19-21; 15:1-6
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Nov 23


The Open Door

In just a few days, Georgia Baptists will be gathering at the First Baptist Church in Jonesboro for our annual meeting. I look forward to this great event every year. I am particularly pleased to see the Convention return to a church facility after many years of annual meetings in civic arenas.
Consistent discipline is key to fixing child's attitude

The source of our hope is in heaven

By the time you read this editorial America’s voters will have gone to their polling places throughout the nation and cast their ballots for the candidates of their choice from the office of president of the United States to the office of the local school board.
The heart of evangelism

Since September 11, 2001, our nation has been in a state of emergency and put into place a strategy to protect us from ever again being attacked by terrorists.