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Issue Date: 2008-11-20
Volume: 187
Number: 24


Going, going, gone ...
Have Southern Baptists entered an era of declining funding for national evangelism strategies?

For 25 years it occurred as steady as clockwork. Nearly every five years Southern Baptists would launch a national evangelism strategy that motivated congregations to reach their communities with a renewed zeal. But since the dawn of the Millennium that regularity has been short-circuited and strategies have rarely made it off the drawing board.
How are Lottie Moon dollars used?
Living in a hut in West Africa might cost $12 a month. But the monthly rent for an apartment in Moscow can run about $2,000.
Trespassing activists arrested at Union University
Three members of Soulforce, a homosexual activist group, were arrested Nov. 10 for trespassing on the campus of Union University in Jackson, Tenn.
Georgia Baptists given a royal welcome at Jonesboro's First Baptist Church

For the first time in more than twenty years the Georgia Baptist Convention’s annual meeting was held in a local church.
New retirement dream: make life count in Peru

During quiet moments in his Greensboro, N.C., office, banker Larry Jackson would stare at the walls and say, “God, there has got to be more to life than this.”
Newman reports to GBC

In the Public Affairs Committee and Christian Life Commission Report Ray Newman provided some very interesting and alarming statistics.
After historic Obama win, conservatives wait

Democrat Barack Obama made history Nov. 4 by becoming the first African American elected to the U.S. presidency, but the victory left many evangelical Christians and other social conservatives concerned his administration will undermine pro-life and pro-family policies.
GBC executive director pursues stray sheep

For as long as inattentive observers can remember the State Missions Report has been assigned an undesirable spot on the Georgia Baptist Convention program. It is typically the last thing on the Tuesday afternoon agenda. That is the programmatic equivalent of some geographically obscure outpost in Siberia.
Muslims begin to copy the megachurch multi-site model

Mosques across the country are beginning to use a model similar to the one used by some suburban and downtown megachurches, operating multiple sites to serve a large and dispersed congregation.
Chick-fil-A's Truett Cathy honored for charity

Truett Cathy, founder of the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain, was named the 2008 winner of the William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership on Nov. 7.
Pastor's wife Lindsey Allen: The survivor of an assault

Paxton Quigley in her book “Stayin’ Alive: Armed and Female in an Unsafe World” advocates that women use handguns as a means self-protection.
IMB reports cautionary finance news
Conyers couple join record number of missionaries

While celebrating the largest number of missionaries under appointment in recent years, trustees of the International Mission Board also heard some cautionary finance reports during their Nov. 10-11 meeting in Houston.
Missionaries reach West Africans lost in Paris

Semba* has two wives and five children, but hasn’t seen them in nearly 20 years.
Approval of 'white space' technology worries churches

The Federal Communications Commission has decided to grant Google, Motorola, Dell, and Microsoft permission to develop “white space” devices that pastors worry will interfere with wireless mics.
Link between faith, depression

A study released by Temple University found that people who feel close to a higher power and pray often are more likely to be depressed, while people who attend religious services and feel that their lives have purpose are less likely to be depressed.

Baptist News Summary

Archaeologists find only second known fragments linked to High Priest
Israeli archaeologists have discovered a fragment from an ancient sarcophagus cover that bears a carved inscription with the words “The Son of the High Priest” in Hebrew.
Luther's trash found in German dig
Archaeologists have discovered Martin Luther’s kitchen trash, revealing new personal information about the father of the Protestant Reformation, the German publication Der Spiegel reports.
Queen to pardon 17th-century witches?
A campaign has been launched in Britain to try to persuade Queen Elizabeth II to grant a royal warrant pardoning more than 400 men and women who were executed as witches in England four centuries ago.
Amid conflict, Bolivian troops kill evangelist during protest
A Christian evangelist was killed by soldiers trying to put down anti-government protests in Cobija, Bolivia, Sept. 12. Family members said Luis Rivero had come to the area in an attempt to pacify the crowds of protestors.

Religious Newsbriefs

Shorter College transition to university status approved by trustees, messengers
Shorter College President Harold E. Newman announced Nov. 11 the college’s intent to change its legal designation to Shorter University.
'Fireproof' crosses $28 million in seventh weekend, top ten in per-theater average
"Fireproof," the movie produced by an Albany church, finished in the top 10 in its seventh weekend on a per-theater average and also crossed the $28 million mark in total gross, according to studio estimates.

People and Places

Revival Reports
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Churches, individuals honored for missions outreach efforts

Driving through downtown Augusta, Phil Bray spotted a young girl sitting on a porch, her face covered in white powder. He stopped his van and asked the girl if she needed food or clothes.

Bible Study

My Ongoing Mission

Rom. 15:14-21, 30-33; 16:25-27
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Nov 30
God's Missionary Heart

Isaiah 49:1-6; 56:3-8; 66:18-20, 23
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Dec 7


Parents question future with strong-willed child

The hour is late and the situation is desperate

The North American Mission Board has launched a national evangelism initiative and none too soon. Some have contended the hour is late and the situation desperate in America.
The Open Door

There is only one way to approach Thanksgiving, and that is with a grateful heart.


GBC annual meeting informational, challenging

A heartfelt thanks to First Baptist Church of Jonesboro for hosting this year’s convention. Excellent job!!
Thanks to those leading annual meeting

On Nov. 10-11th we held our annual preaching conference and meeting. Those of you who were there must assuredly agree it was a wonderful time of worship, praise, and good old-fashioned preaching.
Fully utilize evangelists

This is in response to Steve Hale’s guest commentary, “The Heart of Evangelism,” in the Nov. 6th edition of The Christian Index. Mr. Hale asks the question why more churches are not utilizing the services of the vocational evangelists and cites Ephesians 4:11 as his rationale.
Follow Scripture, not culture

I attended the recent annual GBC meeting in Jonesboro. The church’s hospitality was superb and the experience was mostly encouraging.