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Issue Date: 2008-12-04
Volume: 187
Number: 25


Selling brick and mortar in favor of flesh and blood

Rolling Hills Baptist Church is up for sale. The people, who constitute the real church, are not up for sale, but the property of the church is in the hands of a real estate agent and on the market.
Shock to the Heart

I looked hard at the picture of my youngest daughter, looking for a sign of what happened just seconds after it was taken. All I saw was a smiling 14-year-old, blue eyes flashing, pink cheeks shining, arms around good friends during the school pep rally.
'Fireproof' gross is split multiple ways

Passing the $31 million mark in total box office gross following its ninth weekend, “Fireproof” played in 160 new theaters – more than 800 overall – and averaged $1,094 per theater.
Training lifts pastors, staffers to Next Level

At one point in its 10-year history, Next Level training was the best-kept secret in the Southern Baptist Convention, Bert Ross says. But it’s a secret no longer, judging from positive feedback from SBC churches and Baptist associations across the United States.
Helping those at a Crossroads
Homegrown ministry helps others in Whitfield County

Maybe it started while watching his parents and grandparents give to help others, though they didn’t have much themselves.
Triathlon a spiritual race for Southern Seminary student

Southern Seminary student Michael Diaz recently faced the most arduous day of his seminary career.
3-minute testimony leads 1,600 to Christ
First Baptist Cumming among churches to use evangelistic aid
More than 1,600 people have indicated online that they prayed to receive Christ for salvation after watching a three-minute video of evangelist Ronnie Hill’s testimony, which starts by recounting his birth to a 17-year-old rape victim who decided against abortion.
Don Smith, "Mr. Crossover," dies at 72
The thousands of individuals who came to faith in Christ during the past 13 Crossover events most likely never heard the name Don Smith. And to be honest, that’s just the way he wanted it.
Stone Mountain church part of arson cases

A 21-year-old Stone Mountain man charged with setting fire to a DeKalb County auto dealership is under suspicion for the arson of a nearby Georgia Baptist church.
Gospel reaches to remote Brazilian villages

The teacher leans over Edinaldo’s desk, glancing over the boy’s shoulder as he fills in the blanks on his worksheet. The air is thick and stagnant inside the cement schoolhouse, and Edinaldo is the only child still working to complete his coursework before the summer break.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Georgia Baptist Fellowship of Retired Ministers elects new officers
Members of the Georgia Baptist Fellowship of Retired Ministers recently elected new officers at their meeting during the Georgia Baptist Convention held at First Baptist Church Jonesboro.

Baptist News Summary

Christmas boxes en route to chaplains
At least 200 Southern Baptist Convention-endorsed military chaplains will be pleasantly surprised with a box of Christmas goodies by Dec. 25.
Southern Baptists in Congress return to D.C. after voting
No Southern Baptist members of Congress lost their seats in voting Nov. 4.

Religious Newsbriefs

'Muslim' Albanians return to Christianity
After more than 400 years of being forcibly converted to Islam, many ethnic Albanian Christians are coming out of hiding and Catholicism is experiencing a revival in a newly independent Kosovo.
Bookies lower odds on God’s existence
Thanks to a huge new atom smasher near Geneva and a bus advertising campaign by atheists in London, a leading bookmaking firm in Britain has shortened odds on the existence of God to 4-1 – subject to proof.
Slaughterhouse problems create kosher meat shortage for Jewish diets
Kosher meat is getting more expensive and harder to find, due to production stoppages at three of America’s largest kosher slaughterhouses.
California fires destroy hilltop monastery
The wildfires that have burned approximately 40,000 acres and hundreds of homes in Southern California have also destroyed a historic Episcopal monastery set on a hill in Santa Barbara.

People and Places

Revival Reports
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Increased need
calling for increased giving

More often than not the shelves are empty at church – and association-sponsored food banks across the state. At the same time, requests for help are at an all-time high.

Ministerial Moves

Homeless man damages organ pipes at Edwards' church

When the First Churches pipe organ welcomed the congregation back Nov. 23, only trained musicians would notice a couple of notes missing on the lowest register.

Bible Study

Your Missions Involvement

Matt. 9:35-38, 28:19-20 Rom. 15:23-28
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Dec 14
The Message of Missions

Luke 2:8-12, 16-18, 25-32
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Early stimulation promotes children's learning ability

God is still able in a postmodern culture

While some churches are growing spiritually and numerically others are struggling. Have you stopped to consider why your church may not be prospering?
The Open Door

I am so grateful for the wonderful testimony of Talmadge Wilcox, pastor at Kramer Baptist Church in the Little River Association


Going, Going, Gone?

In response to the article “Going, Going, Gone,” your citation of anonymous directors of evangelism was troubling.
Bringing back our American heritage

After an election that has disappointed many Christians, a distressed economy, and traditional Christian American values seemingly in decline, we who are called by His Name may be wondering how we can change things.
What direction will we take?

First, let me say how I thank God for The Index and it’s faithfulness on standing for the Word and really being the “conscious” of our Convention. We are so blessed to have Dr. Harris, Dr. White, and all of the GBC staff.