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Who's leading?


I am concerned over the June 23 article of the Index, "Passing the Baton." I am wondering if it's an endorsement or a wake up call. The people that I have talked with that have read the articles are as disturbed as I, thinking it is an endorsement.

For 63 years, I have been a member of Southern Baptist churches. All of them have had a good youth program (including the current one). Up until presently, the older people led the youth. Now the youth want to do the leading.

We were taught to wear our best in the house of the Lord, respect His church. Instead of being examples to the youth, preachers are compromising and dressing down also.

The praise music that has to have a beat and is repeated over and over needs to cease.

Our youth have not been exposed to the old hymns enough. Remember the old songs written by Fanny Crosby, John Newton, and others who wrote songs under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit?

You might say we have to reach the youth. We always did. Just preach anointed messages, and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

Churches need to quit competing with one another. Is the interest in souls or numbers?

Our convention has been conservative for 26 years. We need to stay that way. Our parents didn't do too bad of a job raising us.

There are many mentors out there that the young preachers could call on.