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Fed up with pilgrims, owner of house where pope was born wants out


(RNS) Fed up with pilgrims, the owner of the 18th century house in the Bavarian town of Marktl where Pope Benedict XVI was born is looking for a buyer.

Claudia Dandl, a physiotherapist, said she and her two children no longer answer the door to pilgrims demanding to enter the two-story, former police station, which she renovated six years ago.

Benedict, son of a police officer, was born Joseph Ratzinger in the family's apartment above the police station at 11 Marktplatz in the center of the town in southern Germany on April, 16, 1927.

Local real estate agents valued the house at about 150,000 euros ($181,500), but if the price that a car once owned by Ratzinger is any indication, the selling price will be considerably higher.

Offered for auction on the German eBay Internet site the six-year-old Volkswagen Golf went for $245,620.54 to the Golden Palace Casino of Austin, Tex., on May 5.