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Jordan's king calls on Muslims to reject terrorism in the name of Islam


AMMAN, Jordan (RNS) Jordan's King Abdullah II has called on Muslims to redress the image of Islam as a religion of terrorism by rejecting those who "defame" it with violent acts.

"Let us confess that we Muslims have not always fulfilled our obligations towards our religion and towards ourselves," he said July 4 before a gathering of 180 Islamic scholars and clergymen from 40 countries.

"Some Muslims, or those who promulgate 'Islamic' slogans, have defamed Islam and Muslims, and harmed Muslims," Abdullah said. The Hashemite ruler carries the distinction of being a direct descendant of the Muslim prophet Muhammad through both Sunni and Shiite branches.

Abdullah also criticized violent acts carried out against non-Muslims.

"Islam emphasized the need to respect the rights of minorities and non-Muslims who live within Muslim society," he said.