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Affirms use of vocational evangelists


SIR: We have just completed what may be the most awesome revival in our church’s 156-year history.

Because of your recent issue on the importance of revival-evangelism, I want to reinforce in the minds of your readers that God is still using the revival methodology to impact communities. You were also correct to encourage pastors to enlist a vocational evangelist to preach the meeting, because here is what happened at Green Fork Baptist Church just outside Millen, where I pastor.

We are a small church with less than a hundred in Sunday School. We scheduled evangelist Steve Hale from Woodstock to conduct our revival crusade. We followed his preparation manual and saw the fire of God fall on that opening Sunday morning.

A spirit of brokenness prevailed with 14 people flooding the aisle, five of whom made professions of faith. From the outset, it was obvious that this was not going to be a “business as usual” week. On Tuesday evening, our youth rose to the occasion by inviting 50 of their friends to attend.

Through Steve’s powerful preaching, the Holy Spirit drew 26 to the altar, 14 of which were first-time decisions for Christ. In all, we had a total of 20 professions of faith, the great majority of which I will baptize.

We are now forced to find additional Sunday School space because of what God did in the lives of so many. Think about it. In one week, we added 20 new members to the Kingdom of God for a church that runs less than a hundred. To God be the glory!

Steve Hale’s messages were anointed, timely, and kept our people’s attention riveted. As with any move of God, there was much accomplished behind the scenes that pen and paper cannot describe. Our people gave the largest love offering in its history – over $2,000 – which is only reflective of the deep renewal that we experienced.

The wind of God blew through Green Fork Baptist Church and He used the prayerful preparation of our people and the effective ministry of Steve Hale to accomplish His purpose. We will long remember these days. I can only hope that other pastors across our state will do what our convention is advocating: Schedule a revival, enlist a vocational evangelist, prepare adequately, pray fervently, and then stand still and behold the glory of the Lord.