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Issue Date: 2009-07-30
Volume: 188
Number: 17


World Changers marks 20,000th home

There's something special about Eleanor Williams' home.
Student resort missionary from Georgia remains 'critical' in Montana after car crash

Two "Innovator" resort missionaries - one of them from Georgia - remain in critical condition in ICU at St. Vincent's Hospital in Billings days after their SUV flipped and rolled over several times, injuring them and two companions.
'Christmas in August' call issued for Lottie Mission Offering
Southern Baptists are being asked to close a gap in funds needed to support missionaries by giving a special Lottie Moon Christmas Offering during the month of August.
The legacy of Camp Grandmagoochee

Larry and Elovoyce Greer live in a beautifully secluded hideaway about two miles off Georgia Highway 53 between Dawsonville and Tate. Towering trees shade the narrow gravel road that leads to their house. The mere trek towards the Greer bungalow fuels the anticipation of a grand adventure.
2008 GBC Annual now available in CD format

The Georgia Baptist Convention Annual (formerly referred to as the "Minutes") is provided this year for the first time in the form of a compact disc (CD). The CD comes in an attractive folder bearing the 2008 Convention theme "There Is a Cause."
'Orphan' doesn't depict truth about adoption, experts say

Adoption advocates are rallying to speak up for the world's orphans in light of a Warner Brothers horror film that depicts a young adopted orphan girl as a murderer.
On all things religious, Obama turns to DuBois

From a sparsely adorned office building a stone's throw from the White House, Joshua DuBois carefully navigates the delicate line between church and state.
Baptists face further decline without renewed evangelism emphasis

Southern Baptist membership will fall nearly 50 percent by 2050 unless the aging and predominantly white denomination reverses a 50-year trend and does more to strengthen evangelism, reach immigrants, and develop a broader ethnic base, according to data just released by LifeWay Rearch.
Death threats buffet India prosecutions

Nearly 11 months after an unprecedented wave of anti-Christian attacks shook the eastern-India state of Orissa, a reign of terror continues in the region, with former rioters issuing death threats to witnesses.
FCC's wireless mic decision still pending

Churches across the country eventually will have to replace wireless microphone systems operating in the 700 megahertz range, but the Federal Communications Commissionís decision on the specifics of when and how is still pending.
Russia to offer religious courses in schools

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has given the green light to efforts by religious leaders to introduce religion to schools and to offer chaplains to the military.
At age 60, Georgia's longest serving youth minister offers insight into one of the calling's most difficult professions

After nearly 40 years in youth ministry, Richard King is sure of one thing: the more things change, the more they stay the same.
Amid Kenya's drought, some will not starve

The rains come too late for the crops. Cows, selling for about $5, have no meat on their bones. The drought's damage will be fatal for many.
The day the circus came to church

"Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to the greatest show on earth!"
Elmer Foust - a history of faithfulness

Although Elmer Foust struggles with arthritis, his eyes sparkle when he reflects upon his fruitful and fulfilling ministry that spanned 61 years.
Christian schools report closures, drops in enrollment

A Colorado-based organization of Christian schools is reporting that more than 200 schools closed or merged in its last fiscal year.
A teenager's faith in the midst of chaos

Ben Hildebrant's story is one of courage, determination, and hope. On July 31, 2007 he was swimming at the home of a friend when his world changed forever. He dove into the shallow end of the pool, hit his head on the wall of the pool, and was instantly paralyzed.
Columbus Baptist Kenneth Gibbs left a legacy of service to God and others

One of Georgia Baptists' most notable saints, C. Kenneth Gibbs, 90, died on June 28 at Columbus Hospice House. His wife of 69 years, Katheryn Matthews Gibbs, three children, seven grandchildren, and 17 great grandchildren survive him.
Atlanta: a center of sexual exploitation?

The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce flies under the banner: "Bringing the best together to help Atlanta thrive." However, the Chamber has to ignore the sinful sexual exploitation that marks our capital city in order to make such an inane statement.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Baik elected to lead Korean Baptists
Pastor Sinki Baik of Atlanta New Way Korean Baptist Church in Marietta has been elected as president for the Council of Korean Baptist Churches in America. The election was held during the group's annual meeting in conjunction with the Southern Baptist Convention meeting.
Merritt named to GBC evangelism staff
Marc Merritt began his tenure as a consultant with Evangelism Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Convention on July 1. A native Georgian, Merritt has served as pastor in his home state as well as a member of the state Executive Committee.

Baptist News Summary

VBS photo contest: Deadline is Aug. 3
Facts & Trends Online once again is inviting churches and individuals to submit photos for the annual Vacation Bible School Photo Contest. This year, all submissions will be archived at the LifeWay News page on Facebook.
Names in the News
Ages 35-39, 60+ show increase at SBC meeting
A total of 8,795 messengers were sent by 3,642 churches from 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico to the 2009 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Louisville, according to a release by SBC registration secretary Jim Wells.
Added Lottie Moon Offering gifts yield more missionaries for overseas
Gifts from several sources are enabling the International Mission Board to send additional missionaries to the field this year after a shortfall in the 2008 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions forced suspension of some programs and restricted new missionary appointments.
Mother comes to faith through son's sermon in Southwestern outreach
Beau Brewer could hardly complete his sermon. As he preached the gospel in a small west Texas church, he was overcome with emotion by the weeping of a woman seated in the congregation.
Golden Gate marks 50 in Mill Valley
Golden Gate Seminary's Northern California Campus in Mill Valley celebrated 50 years on Strawberry Point with homecoming festivities attended by 120 alumni and their families.
GCR task force to meet in August
The Southern Baptist Convention's Great Commission Resurgence Task Force will meet twice in August, once in Atlanta and once in Rogers, Ark.

Religious Newsbriefs

South Korean churches urging others to join in food aid for North Korea
A South Korean group of churches is urging its member congregations and organizations to join a campaign to give North Korean children milk and bread "without any precondition."
BYU lifts campus blockage of YouTube
Brigham Young University has lifted its ban on campus access to YouTube and will hold students at the Mormon university morally responsible for its usage.
Appeals court ruling on Bible distribution in schools applauded by opposing sides
A federal appeals court has upheld a ruling that found a Missouri school district unconstitutionally permitted distribution of Bibles to elementary schoolchildren in their classrooms.
Communist Party USA launches religious outreach commission to grow membership
The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) has created a new commission to welcome people of faith to join the movement, according to a report June 15 from the party's newspaper.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

The basics of beautiful music

Sometimes the violins squeal and it's not uncommon for the trumpets to squawk. To some the sounds may be awkward, but to those at this children's music camp, even the squeaks are beautiful music.

Bible Study

Have You Found Your Place?

Ex. 35:30-36:1; Jer. 1:4-8; Col. 3:16-17
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Aug. 9
Do You Require Signs?

Judges 6:14-16, 36-40; Matt. 16:1-4; Rom. 12:1-2
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Aug 16


Spectators in the Circus Maximus

If you lived in Rome 1,900 years ago you might have had season tickets to the Circus Maximus.
Men must be brought out of their shells, encouraged to talk

The Open Door

There has been much in the news lately about the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 that landed two men on the moon for the very first time. Through the Internet website, anyone who might be interested could follow the progress of the flight from lift off to return on the same dates forty years later.
About Islam ... in its own words

A couple of weekends ago, a coordinated strike was launched against six Christian churches in several regions of Iraq.


Call heresy heresy, no matter the speaker

This letter is to give a hearty "amen" to Fred Gilder for his letter in The Index asking why there are so many Calvinists in SBC seminaries.