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Issue Date: 2009-09-24
Volume: 188
Number: 21


Eating Healthy, Living Healthy

Ruth Smith has rarely met a fruit or vegetable she didn't like. That's good, because studies show that people who eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily seem to have half the cancer risk of people who eat only two servings.
Unite in prayer for Speechless

Chuck Colson, in his book "The Faith," states that Paul gave an admonition to the Christians in Rome that is the key to the holy life: We are "to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God" (Rom. 12:1).
Put down the fried chicken and no one gets hurt

If there is one thing doctors have in common with the Obama Administration's controversial healthcare plan, it is the shared concern over the steady decline of the nation's health.
Chicago: A gateway to the ends of the earth

Cody Lorance doesn't knock. He just pushes the door open and ambles into the apartment. A little girl runs to hug him and the rest of her family filters into the room to greet their guest.
Minister's Wellness Retreat to provide free health care
Staff ministers and spouses of Georgia Baptist churches will be provided free health care at the second of two wellness retreats on Oct. 12-14 here.
Mel Blackaby: from pioneer missions to megachurch pastor

"I never envisioned myself living in Georgia or becoming pastor of First Baptist Church of Jonesboro. All I could see was the vast need for pastors and church leaders in Canada," proclaimed Mel Blackaby.
Americans urged to eat less red meat

How much red meat should you be eating in one week, if you are a meat eater? According to the National Cancer Institute, a lot less than you currently consume.
Wedgwood focuses on God's faithfulness
Church marks 10th anniversary of shooting that left seven dead

Songs, tears, and prayers acknowledging God's faithfulness flowed from Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, as the church held a special commemoration Sept.
Frank Nuckolls: Not the man he used to be

Frank Nuckolls isn't used to getting a phone call from his doctor while on vacation. But when he received that June 2006 call in New York City it immediately raised a red flag.
Emir Caner brings keynote address at first GBC History Conference

The Georgia Baptist Convention held its first history conference at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center in Toccoa Aug. 28-29. The theme of the Conference was "A Legacy of Firsts."
Eating Healthy, Living Healthy - More

So, you think being president of the United States is a tough job? How about being a dietician? It has to be one of the most difficult jobs imaginable.
The Forgotten Hour of How the South Was Won
The Legacy of Daniel Marshall, Pioneer Georgia Baptist
A Term of Derision, A Term of Identity: Our Anabaptist Ancestry in Georgia
IMB leader Jerry Rankin announces retirement

International Mission Board President Jerry Rankin announced Sept. 16 he will retire July 31, 2010, ending a 17-year tenure marked by sweeping organizational changes and a steady personal calling.
Tailgating part of First Baptist Cochran Big Tent Event

Members of First Baptist and the surrounding community will be getting their money's worth out of the tent set up for the church's revival Sept. 27-Oct. 4
Beware of brand extensions. Or, "Will the real fiber please stand up?"

Mass marketers have always been savvy to extending the monetary value of a successful product. But, like movie sequels, the second and third installments are rarely as good as the original.
The Fountain of Youth may be closer than you think - Part two summary
NAMB fine-tunes staff, pledges allegiance to GPS

The North American Mission Board continues to fine-tune staff positions following the resignation of much of the agency's senior level leadership on Aug. 11.
A strand of three chords
Different generations of Georgia Baptist pastors share same platform?

Three generations of Georgia Baptist pastors came together Aug. 16 to lead members of Bradley Baptist Church in worship.
GR-R-REAT for diabetics?

There is perhaps no better example of the dichotomy between the roles between dieticians and food manufacturers than the example being given by Kellogg's cereals.
LifeWay offering churches background checks discount

Good guys don't wear superhero capes, and bad guys don't always have shifty eyes and devious-sounding chuckles.
Page praises GPS progress

Two years after then-SBC President Frank Page issued a challenge to the North American Mission Board's leadership for a national evangelistic initiative, Page is happy with the development so far of GPS, God's Plan for Sharing.
Books, Websites, and Suggestions
Is your church supper sending you to heaven sooner than you would prefer?

Stop. What did you just put in your mouth? Is it healthy and good for you or is it what commonly passes for fake food?
Is contemporary music key to growth?

When a congregation moves from a traditional to a contemporary style of worship, the change can often lead to painful conflict in the pews but also, according to a new study, higher attendance.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Proposed amendment to the Constitution of the Georgia Baptist Convention
The Executive Committee approved in the March, 2009 meeting the amendment of Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of the Georgia Baptist Convention.
Stewart named a consultant for GBC Sunday School/Open Group Ministries
Keith Stewart recently joined the staff of Sunday School/Open Group Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Convention, assuming his role earlier this month.
Stanley celebrates 40 years of ministry
Charles Stanley celebrated 40 years as pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta throughout September. Stanley ranks among only a handful of pastors in the nation to have led a single congregation for a full generation without interruption.

Baptist News Summary

Names in the News
The Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists' mission board has elected Bob Mills as the new KNCSB executive director, effective Jan. 1, 2010.
World Changers adopts schedule, to recognize 20 years in 2010
The North American Mission Board's World Changers will mark 20 years of ministry in 2010.
Southeastern president back in the office following colon surgery
Southeastern Seminary President Daniel Akin underwent successful surgery on his colon Sept. 4, just recently finishing up recovery from home.

Religious Newsbriefs

Female Sudanese journalist freed after being fined for wearing pants
Try as she might, Sudanese journalist Lubna Hussein just can't stay incarcerated.
London's mayor calls on residents to join in on Ramadan fasts
London Mayor Boris Johnson has called on the city's millions of residents to join Muslims in fasting for at least a day during the Islamic observance of Ramadan to better understand Islam.
Workers arrested at boys' hostel in India
Police in India's Karnataka state, accompanied by 10 Hindu extremists, arrested the Christian operator of a boys' hostel Aug. 28 after the extremists accused him and another Christian of offering food, shelter, education, and future job prospects as an "allurement" to convert to Christianity.
President Obama notes Muslim contributions at dinner marking Ramadan
President Obama highlighted the contributions of Muslim Americans Sept. 1 during his first Iftar dinner marking the observance of Ramadan.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

BCM and beyond

Going to college. Those are the years set aside to learn independence, discover a career, for students to find out who they are and what they believe.

Bible Study

The Hero Doing Battle

Mark 12:13-17, 28-31, 38-40
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Oct 11
The Warrior Hero

Mark 11:12-25
Related Sunday School Lesson, Bible Studies for Life, Oct 4


Routine whining can be eliminated by ignoring it

If I were a pastor again

I thoroughly enjoy my role as editor of The Christian Index. The fact that God has opened doors for me to preach on a consistent basis adds to my joy. I feel that I am exactly where God wants me to be at the present time.
Giving to World Hunger feeds those locally, globally

Why should I give my money to World Hunger? Many other good, sincere ministries appeal to me for help. What makes World Hunger more attractive?
The Open Door

How grateful we are to First Baptist Woodstock for opening their doors to the Georgia Baptist Convention for our annual meeting.


Health article long over-due

Just finished reading the article on "Fountain of Youth" and all I can say is it is long overdue!
Eating healthy starts at church

I enjoyed reading Joe Westbury's lead article in the Sept. 10 issue of The Index on the topic of healthy eating and living. I was not surprised to read that the Purdue University study found that Baptists were the most obese of any evangelical group.