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Grateful for disaster response


I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the Baptist community for the work you are doing. This event (response to Hurricane Katrina and resettlement of evacuees) has hit us like no other in the past, and the work you have done and are doing is certainly helping to ease the pain of the affected people.

We are so used to calling on you to do things for us, and I know we never do a good job of saying thanks. Believe me, the work you do for others does not go unnoticed here, although I'm sure we never tell you we appreciate it often enough. A special thanks is in order for Jim Richardson and his work coordinating the disaster response of the churches. You all make me proud to be a Georgia Baptist.

By the way, I am deploying to Louisiana soon for 3 weeks to work in the state EOC. Please remember me in your prayers.

And again, thanks for all you are doing.