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Issue Date: 2003-11-20
Volume: 182
Number: 23


Spiritual awakening will be theme of new convention president

Tony Dickerson, pastor of Pinehurst Baptist Church in Columbus, was elected president of the Georgia Baptist Convention at the annual meeting at the Columbus Civic Center on November 11.
The Puritans weren't so Puritanical, scholars say

(RNS) For more than 150 years, the Puritans have gotten a bum rap.
Georgia Baptist Convention elects Tony Dickerson as president, embraces New York partnership, adopts $46,500,000 budget

COLUMBUS - Tony Dickerson was elected president of the Georgia Baptist Convention on November 11 during the Convention's annual meeting at the Columbus Civic Center.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Hispanic Institute bringing theological education to South Georgia

Imagine it this way: You live in China and start an English-speaking Bible training center. You attract several people. Some are from England and Ireland, a few are from Australia. Then you have several from the United States - from Appalachia and from New York City.


Seeds from the Sower

Pointing to a kneeling pad by an altar rail, a boy asked, "What's that?"
The Open Door

Two weeks ago I represented Georgia Baptists at the annual meeting of the Baptists of New York. Dr. J.B. Graham serves as the Executive Director-Treasurer of the New York Convention. The meeting was in Corning, New York. I was glad to get a chance to see Corning.
Sibling rivalry can get ugly where beauty is concerned

What's New? Nothing!

When Paul went to Athens he encountered the intelligentsia of his day. There the great apostle encountered philosophers, stoics, epicureans and strangers with curious ideologies who gathered unto the Areopagus to discuss their worldviews and opinions.


Honors those who have served in U.S. armed forces

Sir: I would like to take this opportunity to honor those who have served and continue to serve through our armed forces:
A season to be thankful

Sir: I would like to share a list of things for which I am thankful at this time of year.
Appreciates article on inerrancy

Sir: I am absolutely elated having just finished reading the article "Inerrancy is alive and well on Planet Evangelical" by Hal Ostrander (see page 4, Nov. 6 issue of The Index).