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Different tunes abound at Music Camp


Sherri Brown, Communications, GBC

Carolyn Sale, Faculty, GBC Music Camp

It's a week of summer music for the children and teenagers. They come with snacks, t-shirts, trombones and tubas. And they're all ready to make music.

Youth and children's music camp is "a spiritual camp where we develop leadership and the musical talents and gifts in our students," said Jon Duncan, specialist for GBC music and worship ministries.

Since 1954, the annual summer camp has been an influence to so many young musicians, that today there are alumni working on mission fields "just about everywhere in the world," Duncan said.

Each summer, GBC offers three camps: Young Musicians, for children in grades 4 thorugh 6; Youth I for 7th and 8th graders; and Youth II for high school students and college freshmen.

All three of the week-long camps offer a variety of musical experiences for the students. Young musicians have options ranging from puppets to Boomwhackers to ORFF instruments. Youth camps have traditional church music options such as organ, handbells, orchestra and piano, as well as more contemporary classes such as guitar, praise band, praise team, banner making and musical signing.

"People tell us these music camps are the finest in terms of quality and provisions for the students. We're going to continue to offer this opportunity," Duncan said.


Although the costs of producing quality music camps continues to rise, state missions gifts allow GBC to keep the costs for the students as low as possible.

For information about the 2006 youth camps, contact Keith Chandler at or (770) 936-5261, 1 (800) RING-GBC. For information about young musicians camp, contact Kent Jackson at or (770) 936-5263, 1 (800) RING-GBC.


Sherri Brown, Communications, GBC

Alayna Guest was the only harpist at the music camp this year. She is from Oak Hill Church, Griffin.

Sherri Brown, Communications, GBC

Caleb Howard, from Salem Church in McDonough, works in a piano class.

Sherri Brown, Communications, GBC

Guitar classes are relatively new to the music camp. Recognizing a trend toward contemporary music in many churches, music camp leaders have added more contemporary music training to the camp curriculum.

Sherri Brown, Communications, GBC

James Perry, from Sweat Memorial Church, Waycross, conducts the youth choir during rehearsals for a final performance.

Sherri Brown, Communications, GBC

Jim Perry, from Sweat Memorial Church, Waycross, plays the tuba during an orchestra rehearsal.