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Issue Date: 2009-12-17
Volume: 188
Number: 27


Jesus reports for jury duty

Jesus Christ was called for jury duty recently in Jefferson County, but was sent home for being disruptive.
A dreidel for the blind spins a new lesson on Hanukkah

For centuries of Hanukkah celebrations, the dreidel has served as both children's toy and religious symbol, marked with Hebrew letters that stand for "a great miracle happened there."
High court takes Christian student group case
The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether a state university may deny recognition to a student religious organization that requires its leaders and members to affirm its beliefs.
Vietnamese man becomes first believer in Cambodian floating village

David* never imagined he'd use ghosts as a way to share the Gospel.
In choppy economy, budgets top state convention meetings
Over half of the state Baptist conventions have decreased their budgets for the coming year, according to reports from their annual meetings.
Darrell Crawford:
the story within the story

Darrell Crawford, who celebrated his 80th birthday earlier this year, is a humble, consistent, dedicated Christian and a faithful member of Marietta's Eastside Baptist Church.
IMB launches CommissionStories magazine
A new publication, CommissionStories, will be released this month by the International Mission Board.
Truett-McConnell makes historic decision

Truett-McConnell College's trustees made a decision of historic proportions at their Dec.4 meeting at the TMC Student Center.
Brewton-Parker places itself on 'academic diet'
South Georgia college closes two campuses, reduces majors

Citing fallout from a depressed economy, Brewton-Parker College trustees have placed the college on an "academic diet" to reign in costs and reduce overhead.
Adrian Rogers' legacy captured in new Bible
Adrian Rogers' legacy of real-world, lived-out faith in Jesus Christ will be preserved for many generations that never had the opportunity to sit under his teaching, the CEO of Love Worth Finding Ministries has announced.
Fatherhood is theme of new Sherwood film
Filming of 'Courageous' to begin in March

Sherwood Baptist Church's first movie, "Flywheel," focused on compromise and the business integrity of a used car salesman.

Georgia Newsbriefs

South Georgia pastor and wife taking adoption experience online
Rodney Peavy, pastor of Stone Creek Baptist Church in Dry Branch, and his wife Beverly have recently crafted their experiences into a website promoting adoption.

Religious Newsbriefs

Scholar changes view, says Niebuhr probably wrote 'Serenity Prayer'
After receiving new evidence, the editor of a prominent compilation of famous quotations now believes theologian Reinhold Niebuhr most likely is the author of the popular "Serenity Prayer."
Critics decry Swiss ban on minarets
A Swiss vote to ban the construction of minarets at Muslim houses of worship sent ripples of surprise and dismay across Europe and Islamic countries Nov. 30.
Handwritten Bible sells for $15,000
The first handwritten copy of the New International Version Bible sold on eBay in late November for more than $15,000
German court rules against Sunday shopping
Constitutional provisions that declare Sunday a day of rest mean German merchants will have to significantly rein in the number of days they are open for business, Germany's highest court ruled Dec. 1.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Ordination and Commissioning Services

Cooperative Program Stories

What it takes
Renewal in CP giving needed for continuing ministries


Inspired by the Incarnation

As a pastor I was always trying to come up with some new way to present the message of the incarnation to my people so they could somehow grasp the significance of God manifesting Himself in human flesh.
Holidays are hard on those who've experienced tragedy

Happy birthday to us

In recognizing the birth of Christ, Christmas is tied to gifts. Some presents are exactly what we were wishing for. Others are a surprise, not revealing their full importance until later, perhaps.
The Open Door

I was with a friend this week who spoke of the generosity of God. "In this life," he said, "there are two kinds of people. There are givers and takers. God is the greatest giver of all. We need to talk more about the generosity of God."


Grateful for editorial

Thanks for the editorial titled "It's Almost Midnight," printed in the Nov. 5 issue of The Index.
Denominational losses from stubborn resistance?

No less than eight times in the Old and New Testaments, the Bible says "sing to the Lord a new song" (cf., Psalm 96:1, Revelation 14:3).
First Decatur coverage missing

First, let me affirm that I am not in favor of female pastors.
Proud of new GBC president

Congratulations to Dan Spencer, the new president of the Georgia Baptist Convention.