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Resolutions Guidelines released for November 14-15 GBC meeting


The 2005 annual meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention will be held at the Columbus Civic Center in Columbus on November 14-15.

In the business session of the 1997 Convention, a motion was passed which requested the Committee on Resolutions report be printed for the messengers.

The office of J. Michael Williams is accepting resolutions for the 2005 annual convention. Please mail them to the address below or send via email to


Dr. J. Michael Williams
Georgia Baptist Convention
2930 Flowers Road South
Atlanta, GA 30341-5562


During the meeting of the Convention, all resolutions are to be submitted according to Standing Rule No. 16 (see below) and are due at the recording secretary's desk no later than the conclusion of the Monday evening session. This will allow time for the Committee on Resolutions to consider all proposed resolutions and to have its report printed for distribution on Tuesday.

Standing Rule No. 16, adopted in the business session of the 1997 Convention, states:

A proposed resolution, in order to be considered by the Convention, must be signed and personally delivered by its author or his designee to the Recording Secretary, or one of the Assistant Recording Secretaries, by the end of the Monday evening session of the Convention. All proposed resolutions will be automatically referred to the Committee on Resolutions without discussion, except where the President of the Convention rules that a proposed resolution shall be considered at the time offered or referred.

The Committee on Resolutions shall review proposed resolutions and shall present appropriate resolutions to the Convention for its consideration. Whenever possible, resolutions presented by the Committee on Resolutions for consideration by the Convention shall be printed and distributed to the Convention. (Adopted 1997)

Individuals submitting resolutions have the opportunity to address the Committee on Resolutions. Those submitting Resolutions are to be registered messengers and be available to the Committee on Resolutions should the Committee have questions that need to be answered. The Committee on Resolutions will meet immediately following the close of the Monday evening session of the Convention.