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Battle against pornography


Over the last several weeks, we have all been overwhelmed at the devastation and the destruction of the hurricanes. We have seen a lot of churches and other organizations come together to assist these families.

We have a hurricane right here in Georgia that is wreaking the same havoc on families. The name of the hurricane is pornography.

According to U.S. News and World Report, the industry grossed an estimated $8 billion in 1997.

That figure represents an expenditure of about $30 per person in the United States. That's more than is spent annually on gambling!

Many men, Christians included, are caught in the deadly attraction to pornography. Christian sociologist George Barna says that as many as one in six pastors struggle with or are addicted to pornography.

We can conclude, therefore, that in each of our churches a sizeable percentage of men in our pews on a Sunday morning are in the heat of battle concerning this malady.

We know Movie Gallery rents and sells hard-core sex videos and many of the rest display pornographic videos next to children's videos. Can we stop them from renting and selling these hard-core sex videos found in "back rooms?"

The answer is yes. It takes prayer, action and money.

We have discovered at least thirteen of them here in Georgia. They are located in Adel, Bainbridge, Breman, Chickamauga, Cornelia, Hawkinsville, Kingsland, McRae, Monroe, Perry, Quitman and Reidsville.

If the pastors in the cities listed above would like to see these back rooms shut down please have them contact us. The strategy that we will use is the same strategy others have successfully used to close down these back rooms in their communities in Ohio, Virginia, Louisiana and Alabama.

Working together we can raise the moral standards in our community. Now, more than ever, it is time for Christians to be salt and light in their communities.


Marc Laseter
Georgia Christian Action League
(770) 873-1482