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Giving the wrong message


I found the article "Did Hurricane Katrina deliver a spiritual message?" (page 11, Sept. 15) strange and peculiar. We are not a people who believe like the early Greeks, that some enormous god in the heavens gets a thrill out of treating humans like puppets or stirs up the ocean waters with his finger to create a massive hurricane that wipes out thousands of humans.

God is deeply concerned about His creation. He was so deeply concerned that He sent His only son to redeem and restore His relationship with his children. God has specific purpose for each of us in His divine plan.

Life happens daily. In the midst of the storms of life we grow through those circumstances.

God never promised anyone that life was going to be a cakewalk. The rain falls on the redeemed and those who are lost.

I'm optimistic. I believe many people will be far better off when all is said and done. Many will live in far better homes than what they had prior to Katrina. Many will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Many will realize how blessed they are in these days. Many will find better jobs than they had previously. Many will put away selfishness and know what it is like to love your neighbor as yourself. Many will find friends that are real and genuine.

Our God is able to do exceedingly great and mighty things in these days. May they be days of miracles beyond compare.