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More to offer


I enjoyed and agreed with the articles on the need to bring the unchanging message to our communities in culturally relevant ways. The American culture (which was a result of free people applying Christian faith) that we have had for over 200 years - which depended on a majority of Americans being believers or God-fearers - is no longer the dominant culture. For good or bad, we have a variety of distinct cultures in the U.S. in which there are lost people desperately in need of Christ.

Yet, thus far to be culturally relevant with an undiluted message, we have but kept up with the world, and largely indistinguishable from it. I propose there is something more we have to offer, and it is offered far too little.

For a lost person in any culture to see Christ, he or she must see Christ in someone. We were left here after salvation for a reason. The cultures and people we try to reach must see humble, gentle, kind, strong, and Godly men and women of faith, character, and honor.

We must "walk the talk," or else all we offer, to the ears of the mournful lost soul being sweetly serenaded by the Enemy, is noise. I further contend that we men need to be Godly men who lead and will not compromise - period.

We who are believers cannot lead Godly lives on our own. We can't simply "buck up", have a "stiff upper lip", etc. We must be submissive to God, surrender our will to His, and allow Him to create Godly lives through us. Otherwise, the lost world will see our failure and hypocrisy as evidence of a false religion.

Fellow Christians, how we act in things great or small, public or private, at work, home, play, school, and anywhere we go, is either used by the Holy Spirit as evidence of Christ in us, or used by Satan to further confuse the unsaved. When we choose to put our will over God's will, be assured Satan will find a way to use that - no matter how private you thought it was.

Which way will you choose?