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At this British school, F-word may be spoken


(RNS) - Pupils at a British school are being allowed to use the f-word as frequently as five times a lesson without being reprimanded, according to a London newspaper.

The Daily Mail reported that use of the profanity will be tallied on the board at the Weavers School in Wellingborough, about 70 miles northwest of London. If a class exceeds the limit, the pupils will be "spoken to" at the end of the lesson.

The policy, outlined in a letter to parents of pupils at the Weavers School, has run into criticism from parents and others.

The chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, Nick Seaton, told The Daily Mail: "In these sort of situations teachers should be setting clear principles of 'do and don't'."

But the policy was described as "sensible" and worth trying by a spokeswoman for the Scottish Parent Teacher Council, Eleanor Coner. "A lot of the problems in classrooms have been from teachers overreacting to things like swearing," she told The Scotsman.