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Reflecting the Son for more than 50 years


Sherri Brown

Jon Duncan, right, directs the Sons of Jubal choir before a recent concert in LaGrange. Duncan, GBC specialist for Music and Worship Ministries, directs the 200 voice male choir.

They arrive early in the morning to start preparing for the evening concert. Between setting up instruments, making sound checks and holding group business meetings, there is a lot of laughter and a lot of friendship.

Sons of Jubal began in 1954 as a male chorus composed of ministers of music who work in Georgia Baptist churches. But for most of the members, it's more than just a musical group.

"The fellowship is rich and it also meets musical and spiritual needs I couldn't have any other way," said Roger Waters, minister of music at Salem Church in McDonough and a member of Sons of Jubal since 1983.

The group performs about eight concerts a year in Georgia and every two or three years travels overseas to perform in a missions setting.

"We bring the Gospel in song," said Jon Duncan, GBC music and worship specialist who directs the Sons of Jubal. "As a group, the Sons of Jubal set aside all differences - different worship styles, different size churches, different demographics - and come together to paint one portrait: the picture of Christ and his redemption. This is about praise and proclamation."

Sherri Brown

The Sons of Jubal performs at Western Heights Church in LaGrange. The choir performs about eight concerts a year, including a concert at the annual meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

The group is open to any full time or bi-vocational minister of music or any man active in music leadership in a Georgia Baptist church, college or institution. Membership has almost doubled the last few years, with more than 200 members currently. All participants pay their own expenses traveling to and from concerts, as well as the cost of mission trips.

The overseas trips are designed to aid Southern Baptist mission work already in place.

"We went to Germany and France and were able to help churches just by presenting concerts. For one concert in Germany a Lutheran church let us use its cathedral. We packed it out," said Ken Drane, minister of music at Jefferson Avenue Church in East Point. Drane has been a member of Sons of Jubal since 1981.

Plans are in the works for the next international trip in spring of 2007.

"This ministry was set apart to impact mission work globally," Duncan said. "What we're able to do through our music has a unique quality that touches the lives of many people that perhaps wouldn't be touched in other ways.

Sherri Brown

Scott Eaton, minister of music from Ellijay First Church, sings during a rehearsal.

"Choirs were first set apart as a prophetic ministry according to 1 Chronicles 25. It is our desire to first and foremost be a ministry that proclaims the message of Christ."


Sons of Jubal are a part of the GBC Music and Worship Ministry. While members pay their own expenses to attend concerts and mission trips, the GBC, through the Cooperative Program, provides support through music and leadership.

For information about Sons of Jubal, contact Jon Duncan at or (770) 936-2626 or 1 (800) RING-GBC. You and your church may send Cooperative Program gifts to: J. Robert White, Executive Director, GBC, 2930 Flowers Road, South, Atlanta, GA 30341-5562



Sons of Jubal 2005-2006 Concerts

November 15, 2005 - Georgia Baptist Convention Annual Meeting, Columbus Civic Center

March 9, 2006 - Sweat Memorial Baptist, Waycross

May 4, 2006 - First Baptist, Calhoun

September 19, 2006 - First Baptist, Tifton

October 26, 2006 - First Baptist, Blairsville


Sherri Brown

Steve Vickery, minister of music at Western Heights Church, adjusts his bowtie before a performance.