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Los Angeles home to most evangelicals


VENTURA, Calif. (BP) — Contrary to its stereotypical labels like “Godless Hollywood” and “Lost Angeles,” Los Angeles is the metropolitan area with the greatest number of evangelical adults. Its one million faithful Christians are more than those in the New York, Chicago and Boston metropolitan areas combined, according to a study by The Barna Group.

But George Barna was quick to put the statistics in perspective.

“Keep in mind that the metropolitan L.A. market is huge; it contains more than 10 million adults,” he said. “Even though its percentage of Christians is below the national average, its population is so massive that it emerged as the largest accumulation of believers. However, looking at its aggregate score as a Christian place, L.A. is 13 percent below the national average.”

Barna’s “Faith By Market” report also found that Little Rock, Ark., has the highest percentage of evangelicals with 22 percent, which means more than one out of every five adults there are evangelical Christians.