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Modern approach compromises Gospel


I am writing in response to the recent “Stained Glass and Starbucks” article in the Index. As a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this new approach grieves my spirit deeply. If we as preachers would spend more time on our knees like Mueller, and less time thinking up new ways to trick somebody into believing, we might see better results!

What the church needs most, now more than ever, it misses the least! And that is the power of God! We need preachers who will stand in the pulpit and preach the Word of God boldly and without apology. That’s right, preach the Word!

I realize that is an unfamiliar concept to this new style of preacher who is spending one hour a week trying to connect with people. I just don’t understand when I hear that another church is canceling services. How do we expect to win them to Jesus if the church doors are closed?

Everyone in the convention is so worried about the number of conversions and baptisms being on a decline. Have you ever thought that it could be due to preachers not preaching Jesus, but merely giving a motivational talk, and then, not giving a Gospel invitation to invite people to accept Jesus Christ because they are too scared of offending someone?

I was a pagan a long time and I still, from time to time, see those old friends and knowing that I am now a preacher, they all say the same thing – “What’s the deal? I went to church and it was like a rock concert. That’s not church; that’s entertainment.”

And they laugh and go on their merry way. I was a lost man a lot longer than I have been a saved man. Don’t underestimate the lost man. He can spot a phony a mile away.

Today’s preacher has traded God-given pastoral authority and leadership to be “just one of the guys.” No one should ever walk in our church and have to wonder who the pastor is!

The pastor is now referred to as “team leader” or “life coach.” We need a revival among preachers. Oswald J. Smith said it best when he said, “This generation of Christians is responsible for this generation of sinners.” What are we going to do about it?

I pray to God we have a better idea than to let the world dictate how the church of Jesus Christ should operate. Where are the next Jesse Hendleys or Jimmy Waters, men who turned this state upside down for Jesus Christ?

I pray God will convict us and revive us to the fact that the world is going to hell and we don’t even mention it anymore, and the lost person will not go there because a church sings hymns or not. They will go there because they are lost without Jesus.

We have lowered the standard and it started in the pulpit. We have done all these things in the name of “reaching people” when all we have done is condone worldliness.

Let us quit trying to get out of doing something, and get busy pulling them from the fire! It does not matter if you have 15 or 15,000 – get the ones you have fired up to go out and win lost people to Jesus and you will see a difference.