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Issue Date: 2010-05-20
Volume: 189
Number: 10


SBC registration doubles while Crossover remains flat

This year's annual convention meeting might turn out to be a referendum on what Southern Baptists view as most important - sharing their faith to penetrate lostness in North America, specifically in Florida - or coming to swell the convention hall for a vote and then return home.
From clergy shortage to clergy glut

After a decade-long clergy shortage in America's pulpits, Christian denominations are now experiencing a clergy glut - with some denominations even reporting two ministers for every vacant pulpit.
What was life like in Jesus' time?

When the Roman Empire ruled the world, and Jesus was radically changing it, what was life like for ordinary people?
Georgia students demolish damaged homes, rebuild hope in Haiti

Andre Dorlette smiles as he scans the heap of shattered concrete and twisted rebar that used to be his family's home.
Minnesota-Wisconsin executive director becomes 4th presidential nominee

In a phone call with The Index May 14, Minnesota-Wisconsin Executive Director Leo Endel confirmed he will accept a nomination for president of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Under the Gold Dome

Another General Assembly session has ended in Georgia.
Preacher arrested following gay discussion, charges dropped

A shocking video has emerged showing a Baptist street preacher in the United Kingdom being arrested for calling homosexuality a sin.
World Changers to celebrate 20th year, other milestones

Two years after sliding off a hot roof in Knoxville, Tenn. - severely breaking his left ankle - World Changers adult volunteer Ted Smith is at it again, leading Ohio high school and college students on an upcoming World Changers project in Cherokee, N.C. He wouldn't have it any other way.
Frank Page named by EC presidential search team
Frank Page, vice president of evangelization for the North American Mission Board, will be nominated as the next president and chief executive officer of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, the chairman of that group has announced.
Rankin leads final appointment services as IMB president

Shawn Smith* remembers hearing God audibly confirm his calling to missions at age 18 while attending a youth camp.
Georgia Baptists to share their faith at Crossover Orlando

Todd Daniel and his youth group from First Baptist Church of Holly Springs are an answer to prayer to Bill and Brenda Faulker, 500 miles away in central Florida.
'Son of Hamas' was key Israeli informer

The son of a prominent leader in the Hamas terrorist organization - who in 2008 publicly declared his faith in Jesus Christ - says in a new book that he provided top-secret intelligence to Israel for more than a decade, preventing dozens of suicide bombings and other attacks against Israelis.
Tennessee flood '1,000 year event'
Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief teams reported May 11
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief teams - including those from Georgia - traveled to Nashville in the wake of flooding referred to by a Tennessee congressional delegation as "a 1,000-year rainfall event."
Film probes Americans' images of God

On the big screen of the movies, God has been played by everyone from George Burns ("Oh, God!") to Alanis Morissette ("Dogma") to Morgan Freeman ("Bruce Almighty.")
Southwestern Seminary develops iPhone app

A free iPhone application that includes preaching resources and evangelism tools has been launched by Southwestern Seminary.
If Jesus walked on the waters of Lake Wobegon ...

They don't serve Powdermilk Biscuits in the Collins Alumni Auditorium at Lipscomb University, not far from downtown Nashville.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Credentials, Tellers nominees named
Southern Baptist Convention President Johnny Hunt has named members of the Credentials Committee for the June 15-16 annual meeting in Orlando as well as representatives for the Tellers Committee.
Southerland to chair Committee on Committees
Johnny Hunt, pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, announced appointments to the SBC Committee on Committees in accordance with SBC Bylaw 19 which requires that their names be released to Baptist Press no later than 45 days prior to the annual meeting.
Georgians named to serve
Nominees to serve on the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, the four denominational boards - International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, LifeWay Christian Resources, and GuideStone Financial Resources - the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the six seminaries, and the Committee on Order of Business have been selected by the 2010 SBC Committee on Nominations.

Baptist News Summary

Army chaplaincy chief to address luncheon
Maj. Gen. Douglas L. Carver, U.S. Army chief of chaplains, will address the annual Southern Baptist Convention Chaplains' Luncheon at 11:30 a.m. Monday, June 14.
Land to speak on immigration issues at National Hispanic Fellowship meeting
Richard Land is scheduled to address the topic of immigration during the National Hispanic Fellowship of Southern Baptist Churches meeting on Sunday afternoon, June 13, in Orlando, Fla.
Georgia Baptist pastor to be honored at NAAF meeting
The church where the National African American Fellowship of the Southern Baptist Convention held its first official gathering in 1994 will be the site of the Sunday evening worship service that begins NAAF's 2010 annual meeting.
Messianics to discuss church planting plans
The Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship, now recognized as an official ethnic and language ministry of the North American Mission Board, will gather in Orlando, Fla., to discuss plans for church planting among Jewish populations in the United States.

Religious Newsbriefs

Holocaust-denying bishop found guilty in German court
The schismatic bishop who deeply angered Jews and embarrassed the Vatican by publicly denying the Holocaust was ordered to pay a $13,500 fine for violating a German law that makes it a crime to deny the Holocaust.
Israelis angered at British ad ban
A British decision to ban an Israeli tourism ad because it includes holy sites in disputed territory has angered Israel's supporters.
Cannabis is 'our cross, tree of life,' say accused pot priests
Two self-described priests who use cannabis as a sacrament are challenging Canada's drug laws after a police raid found marijuana and hashish at their church.
Muslim woman denied foster care license because of no-pork rule
A Muslim woman in Maryland says she was denied a foster care license by a state-authorized agency because she does not allow pork in her home.

People and Places

Revival Reports
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Reaching people through connection and cooperation

What can compare to a beautiful spring weeknight in the state of Georgia?

Bible Study

When Leaders Fail

1 Samuel 2:22-25, 3:21
Bible Studies for Life, Jun 6
From This Day forward

Song of Songs 2:15
Bible Studies for Life, May 30


Boots or ballots

When God's people get their priorities right they might well get in a position to experience revival.
CP - what has changed in 4 years?

Do you remember 2006?
The Open Door

Due to the great interest, discussion and questions related to the GCR Task Force report and recommendations to the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando, I am going to take my column for these editions prior to the convention to speak to the report.
Forcing a little one to eat is always a losing battle


Era of 'tickling ears'

I read with interest the responses to Dr. Harris' article about women in ministry the words offended and offense were used along with sensitivity.
Grateful for GBC evangelism support

We have just completed our "Across Georgia 2010" evangelistic initiative at Mountain View Baptist Church in Gainesville.
Child protection

I am grateful for the GBC emphasis on the two-adult rule (having at least two adults supervising children and youth).