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Baptism and electricity, a new concern in churches


Kyle Lake’s electrocution while about to perform a baptism is leaving many scratching their heads for answers and church leaders asking questions about safety.

Rod Hampton, who represents the Georgia Baptist Convention in assisting churches with audio and visual assistance, is among those puzzled by the cause of the tragedy.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” said Hampton. “A cordless mic only has the voltage of the battery in it, as does a wireless one. Even a corded mic held while standing in the water shouldn’t hurt you.

“That being said, I don’t recommend doing any of these. In wiring up a baptismal pool, use a microphone that is mounted somewhere else, such as on a wall or hanging from the ceiling.

Calvin Pearson, a professor at Southwestern Seminary, told The Dallas Morning News that he had never heard of an incident like this.

“I’ve never heard anywhere of a lecture about the dangers of baptism, but that’s going to be part of what we’ll talk about now,” said Pearson, who teaches a course where students practice baptizing each other at a local pool.