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Ky. messengers overwhelmingly approve Georgetown proposal


FRANKFORT, Ky. (BP) - In a historic, relationship-altering move, Kentucky Baptist Convention messengers voted overwhelmingly Nov. 15-16 to approve a new ministry partnership with Georgetown College.

The Georgetown agreement, which will be implemented over four years, came in response to Georgetown's decision in September to establish a self-perpetuating board. A detailed "memorandum of understanding" about the new relationship was produced by a 14-member joint workgroup of KBC and Georgetown representatives.

Major provisions of the agreement specify that Georgetown will begin electing its own trustees beginning in 2006 and that the KBC will phase out Georgetown's $1.3 million Cooperative Program allocation over the next four years.

The plan also specifies that 75 percent of Georgetown's trustees will be Kentucky Baptists, that Georgetown students will remain eligible for KBC-funded scholarships and that the KBC and Georgetown will continue to jointly fund a campus minister position.

The action comes one year after KBC messengers rejected a proposal to allow all four Kentucky Baptist college boards to include up to 25 percent of trustees who are not affiliated KBC churches. That was among recent decisions that prompted Georgetown's board to revert to its pre-1942 status of naming its own trustees.