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Student body opinion left out of Mercer equation


I feel what is being left out of this entire debate on Mercer University is the opinion of the student body. While Mercer’s administration and the Georgia Baptist Convention are quarreling over this issue, the true core of the University is being ignored.

Neither the Convention members or Kirby Godsey are going to be affected by this decision. It will be the hundreds of students who are on the scholarships that will feel the effect of suddenly not being able to afford school. The student body does have feelings about this issue and those opinions should be heard. I think many people would be surprised at what they would hear.

The comments I have read from pastors in your article about Mercer hurt because I am very proud of my school. Choosing to attend Mercer was the best decision I have ever made. The pastors who made those comments need to come to Mercer and spend a day. They need to attend a class and get a true feeling of the spirit that surrounds the campus.

If someone asked students their main reason for coming to Mercer, most students’ response would be “for the family atmosphere.” I truly feel what creates that welcoming feeling is the Baptist influence. Losing the Baptist connection will have many negative effects on the University, but most of all the atmosphere that makes Mercer what it is.