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Was Mercer decision made in haste?


Two of my sons are graduates of Mercer University. They are well-educated and successful in their fields. And while I am in sympathy with the sentiments of the GBC messengers who voted to sever ties with Mercer, I am concerned that we may be cutting off our collective noses to spite our face as Georgia Baptists.

It is my understanding that President Godsey’s retirement is impending. He has had a distinguished career as a builder of programs and buildings, notably the medical school and the school of engineering. However, since the publication of his book in 1994 it has been obvious to most observers that his concept of Baptist heritage is inconsistent with the views of the majority of Georgia Baptists.

If indeed he is retiring, rather than abandon the relationship with our university, would it not be better to simply withhold the funding to see who is chosen as the successor? Perhaps a man steeped in Baptist heritage with Solomonic wisdom and uncompromising faith in Christ might be selected to take the helm.

If the funding is withheld, the GBC could monitor the course set to see whether the University might be brought back to its historical Georgia Baptist roots. We have 172 years invested in the relationship; surely, a few more months could be given to explore our options. If all else fails, then the ties could be terminated.