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Issue Date: 2003-10-23
Volume: 182
Number: 21


Georgia WMU dedicates state's first guest house for ministers in crisis

CLAYTON - Last year in Georgia there was one forced termination of a church minister for nearly every Sunday morning, every Sunday evening, and every Wednesday night service in the year. By the time 2002 came to a close, 128 ministers had been forced from their positions of leadership in Georgia Baptist churches.
First Blairsville volunteers were key to bringing guest house to reality
Sweat equity gives house a new lease on life

Clayton - "You never saw so many cracks in walls and ceilings in your life," Leatrice Lee states as she reminisces over the first time she set foot in the aging structure that would become the guest house for hurting ministers at Camp Pinnacle.
Georgia Baptist couple's faith and commitment impact U.S. Senate subcommittee
Douglasville parents chose life over abortion

Millions of Americans who embrace the pro-life cause are familiar with the graphic photograph of the unborn infant who extended his hand to clasp the finger of the surgeon performing in-utero surgery.
Making history in Hall county
Rick Gage crusade draws crowds of more than 12,000

Evangelist Rick Gage, increasingly becoming known as the Billy Graham of small towns, preached to crowds exceeding 12,000 during a four-night crusade at the Lanier National Speedway near Gainesville.

Religious Newsbriefs

Methodists cut 14 positions at social policy agency
The social policy agency of the United Methodist Church, facing shrinking income and rising health care costs, cut 14 staff positions from its work force.
ABC show to feature 2 'dads' in lead roles
Six years after the famous Ellen DeGeneres "coming out" episode aired on ABC, primetime TV is breaking ground again this fall with the introduction of same-sex parents in lead roles.
Promise Keepers names new president, CEO
Promise Keepers has named Thomas S. Fortson Jr., its executive vice president, as its new president and CEO. He succeeds founder Bill McCartney.
Vietnamese sentence minority Christians to jail terms
Vietnam has sentenced nine members of a banned branch of Christianity to between 18 and 30 months in prison for their alleged actions against the state.

People and Places

Deacons Ordained
Ministers Ordained

Cooperative Program Stories

Baby comfort station ministry offered at Georgia state fair

The afternoon sun was hot and she needed to nurse her baby. The van was too far away to walk to, so this mother went to the only private place she could find: a stall in one of the fairground bathrooms.


The Open Door

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! I just received the Cooperative Program gifts report from Morris Chapman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.
What's the value of adding zeros?

A totally redeemed church could dramatically and dynamically impact our society, but how many churches are thoroughly Christian? What is a Christian? Is a Christian merely someone who believes the tenets of our faith? Is a Christian someone who willingly confesses that he or she is a believer? Is a Christian someone who has identified with a local church?
Today's children are deluged with harmful influences

Seeds from the Sower

A little boy entered the church with his parents, and he began making noise. His father said, "Be quiet in God's house."