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The Open Door


One Christmas season when I was pastor at First Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky. I decided to do a children’s sermon. I had all the children to join me down front and I told the Christmas Story after reading a portion of the Luke 2 account. I didn’t normally do this sort of thing because we were on live television on the NBC affiliate and with the children there was no way to predict what might happen.

What did happen that morning was hilarious. The children were in rare form and quite anxious to get involved in the Christmas Story through question and comment. We talked about the true meaning of Christmas, about how God came to earth in the form of His only Son, Jesus Christ. We talked about what that means to us and how it is only through Jesus that we are saved and receive the wonderful promise of eternal life. In the midst of this serious part of the presentation, one little boy raised his hand. I called on him and he said, “I’m going to get some boots this Christmas!” I used his comment to talk about the giving and receiving of gifts at Christmas and God’s wonderful gift of His Son, Jesus.

Then out of the clear blue, little Sarah raised her hand. Sarah was as cute as she could be. She had beautiful red hair that was curled and fixed just right for the Christmas worship service. She had on a lovely Christmas dress of dark green velvet. I knew Sarah to be very bright and not afraid of anything. I recognized her and she said, “Dr. White, why didn’t they have no water back in those days?” I had no idea what Sarah was talking about. I asked Sarah, “What do you mean when you say they had no water in those days. They surely did have water. We can’t exist without water.”

She quickly responded, “Then how come we sing that song ‘NO-WELL, NO-WELL, NO-WELL?”

At that point we should have just gone ahead and called off the service. Everyone was laughing so hard; I didn’t think I would ever regain control.

As we sing “Noel, Noel, Noel” this Christmas let us be mindful of the reason we have for our praise. The Bible refers to Christ as God’s unspeakable gift. There is no word that adequately tells of his majesty and magnificence. We are totally inadequate to tell of His greatness or to speak of our gratitude for Him. He is, indeed, worthy of all of our worship and praise.

Thank you, God, for Jesus!