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Keeping Christ in Christmas vs. music programs


I know the following comments will reflect my age as a retiree, but I also know that many seniors feel the same way about the direction of the musical programs currently in the church today. Isn’t it amazing that everyone is concerned about taking Christ out of Christmas, and asking for money to fight the ACLU to prevent this from happening, while at the same time, the churches are taking Christ out of the music?

The songs being featured in church today are one liners, repeated over and over, and are filled with the words “you” and “your”, “me”, and “I”. Has anyone noticed that there are more me’s and I’s in some of the songs, than you and yours. I admit that sometimes I have to wonder who “you” is in the songs.

Bellevue Baptist in Memphis has what I consider the greatest musical program of any church I know of. I am sure it is due to the leadership of the late Adrian Rogers and current Minister of Music Jim Whitmire. The songs in their service are hymns, beautifully arranged, and most important, name the name of Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit.

Of course the preaching of the late Adrian Rogers, always, being a message of salvation is certainly a blessing as well. Could this have anything to do with the fact that God has blessed this ministry as He has?

Should a person care to notice, the musicians at Bellevue Baptist are always presented as professional, but they appear to be enjoying the presentation as praise to God. They have been blessed with many talented persons in music.

I am not a musician, but I do know what I like in the way of music -– music that will inspire worship and praise of God.

When will our musicians wake up to leading the congregation into a spirit of worship and praise, instead of promoting their musical (skills?). I have to ask the question: What musicals skills are required to sing one line over and over?

My sister had commented in a similar way to her pastor about the music, and he replied that “‘Amazing Grace’ will not bring the young people into the church today.” That is quite a statement when it is Amazing Grace, the gift of God, being the only reason we are saved from His wrath.

Can anyone shed some light on why the music in church is going in the direction of the world today?