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Donít vilify Carter


Respectfully, I would ask Terry Queen (Letter, December 8) if he has read Jimmy Carterís latest book in which he explains his personal opposition to abortion. Reading a news story in the AJC is not the same as reading a manís own words.

On page 72 in Our Endangered Values, Mr. Carter says, ďI am convinced that every abortion is an unplanned tragedy, brought about by a combination of human errors. As president, I accepted my obligation to enforce the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, and at the same time attempted in every way possible to minimize the number of abortions.Ē

I find it disheartening that many believers continue to villify a man who has done more to advance the cause of human rights in the world than any other U.S. president, living or dead. Carter doesnít just talk about his faith, he lives it daily. What more can the man do?