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Issue Date: 2010-10-07
Volume: 189
Number: 20


Poll finds unbelievers know the most about belief

Who can best answer questions about religion in America?
Q&A: Wright on SBC, reprioritzing missions giving
Bryant Wright was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention in June, and recently he provided comments to Baptist Press regarding his new role and various elements 
of his ministry as pastor of 
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church 
in Marietta.
WRAP-UP: EC affirms current status of Baptist Press, addresses other businesses
The Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee unanimously declined Sept. 21 to recommend that Baptist Press be made a separate entity, and instead affirmed a 1982 study on the matter that reached the same conclusion.
Nevada Baptists merger an option to up CP support

Nevada Southern Baptists will vote this month on a proposal to merge their state convention and four associations into one entity and increase their Cooperative Program missions giving by two-thirds over the next five years.
Mormons see potential in online proselytizing

Not so long ago, Mormon missionaries were prohibited from using the Internet, even to contact their families. The system then loosened to allow weekly emails home and occasional viewing of church materials.
NAMB 3.0: Ezell discusses future of agency
When Chrysler Corporation was struggling with long-term viability in the 1980s its Board brought in a shrewd leader whose legacy eventually established himself as a "turnaround" king - someone who takes on a challenge bigger than himself and restores respect to a tarnished product.
New ministers introduced to GBC opportunities

Youth Minister Samuel Choi wasn't sure what to expect as he pulled into the driveway of the Georgia Baptist Convention Missions and Ministry Center Sept. 23.
Wright urges radical change of priorities

Southern Baptists have been given a tremendous opportunity to help literally fulfill the Great Commission in their lifetime, but it will take a "radical reprioritization" of priorities to make it happen, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention told trustees of the SBC Executive Committee Sept. 21.
Three years on, Creation Museum is evolving

Ken Ham, the Australian-born creator of the Creation Museum, looks around the throng of about a thousand guests on a hot, August morning and notes that "for a Tuesday, this is not a bad crowd."
A little love can go a long way

The CrossRoad Baptist Church in Savannah is not a big church, but has a big heart.
Frank Page: Cooperative Program remains important

In 2006, the election of Frank Page as president of the Southern Baptist Convention sent a signal that the Cooperative Program is still important to Southern Baptists.
Rick Gage's 'Go Tell' crusade impacts Douglas County

Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville was the site of the latest "Go Tell" Crusade with evangelist Rick Gage.

Georgia Newsbriefs

GBC Executive Committee names appointments to state committees
Georgia Baptist Convention Executive Committee chairman Fred Evers announced his appointments to the Committee on Committees and the State Missions Budget Committee at the group's meeting held Sept. 14 at the Missions and Ministry Center. Those committees consist of the following members:

Baptist News Summary

50/50 CP urged in Fla. GCR report
Four priorities for the Florida Baptist Convention have been proposed by a 30-member task force during a Sept. 23-24 state board of missions meeting in Leesburg.
IMB appoints 51 new missionaries
A wide variety of careers were represented among 51 newly-appointed International Mission Board missionaries during the group's commissioning service held Sept. 15 at Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Fla.

Religious Newsbriefs

Russia's prisons hope faith brings morals
Russian prisons, struggling with a growing crime rate, overcrowding, and shortfalls in funding, are turning to religion to bring moral guidance to inmates.
Restaurant IHOP sues church IHOP
Usually known for serving 24/7 breakfasts, the International House of Pancakes has instead served a suit to the International House of Prayer, a Missouri church, for trademark infringement.
Pastor at center of Quran burn threat could face $200,000 security bill
The Florida pastor who abruptly called off plans to burn hundreds of Qurans could still face a $200,000 bill from law enforcement agencies that were called in to provide security at the protest.
Americans OK student religious speech
A majority of Americans - including those who do not practice a particular faith - think students should be able to express their religion in public schools, according to a new poll by the First Amendment Center.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

A healthy church with a heart for the world

Funston Baptist Church is located on a rural highway in a small town in southwest Georgia.

Bible Study

What's So Different About Jesus

John 6:66-69; 9:17, 24-25, 31-33, 35-38; 20:27-29
Family Bible Study Lesson, Oct 17
Jesus the One and Only

John 3:16-18; 14:6-11; 1Tim 2:3-6
Family Bible Study, Oct 24


Woman questions future with older boyfriend

An oversimplification that cannot be denied

As a child, I remember reading a book about Hans Brinker and The Silver Skates.
Nobody said love was easy

People often say that love is the solution to all our societal problems. They could learn a thing or two from Leo Tolstoy, who could write and say such wonderful things about love but was unable to love even his own wife.
The Open Door

This has been called "The Communications Age" for a very good reason.


Questions need for secular advertisers

On page 12 of the September 23 issue of The Christian Index I was surprised to see an advertisement for Disney on Ice, Toy Story Three.