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Daniell associational missionary dies


Calvin Durrence, associational missionary for Daniell Association, died Dec. 21 from a brain tumor. He was 66.

Durrence was born and raised in Reidsville, where he and his son, Kyle, operated the family farm passed on by his father. Since 1974 Durrence worked as a farmer while serving bivocationally as a pastor and then associational missionary.

A graduate of Southeastern Seminary, Durrence served as associate pastor and minister of education at First Baptist Sandy Springs and First Baptist Statesboro. From there he moved on to the pastorates at Cobbtown Baptist Church, Smyrna Baptist Church in Glennville, Elza Baptist Church in Reidsville, Bull Creek Baptist Church in Claxton and Connors Baptist Church in Cobbtown. He served Daniell Association as associational missionary for 15 years.

During his time as associational missionary, Daniell Association added four churches and built its first associational office. In addition, middle and high school camps for youth were established alongside a senior citizens ministry.

Durrence is survived by his wife of 46 years, Jewel; a daughter, Mila Spaulding, 45, of Richmond, Va.; a son, Kyle, 37, of Reidsville; and six grandchildren.