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Agrees with Mercer decision


Some recent letters seem to miss the point in the Mercer University conflict.

No one disputes that Mercer is a wonderful school, providing quality education and worthy of funding for scholarships and all other essentials. The issue is who is going to pay for this Georgia Baptists or someone else.

Like every other Gospel ministry, Georgia Baptists have more financial demands than tithes and offerings received. Whether tithes and offerings should support a school that chooses to or is required by law to give official recognition to student and faculty organizations supporting immoral lifestyles is debatable.

Many individuals and organizations support excellent secular universities. Probably Georgia Baptists should, as an organization, support causes that actually further the Gospel and leave support of Mercer University to other organizations who do not mind the homosexual agenda. It has always been the case that those who pay for something have some say in how the money is spent.

Baptist tithes should not support things inherently contradictory of Scripture.