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Johnson Ferry to host Intelligent Design forum


MARIETTA (BP) — An upcoming dialogue between a key Intelligent Design proponent and a Darwinian evolutionist from Florida State University will be held Feb. 3 at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church here.

The 7 p.m. dialogue between ID proponent William Dembski and evolutionist Michael Ruse is the featured event of New Orleans Seminary’s two-day Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum.

Dembski, a mathematician and philosopher, is the Carl F. H. Henry Professor of Theology and Science at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Ky.; senior fellow of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture; and author of numerous books on Intelligent Design, including No Free Lunch and The Design Revolution.

Ruse is the Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy and professor of zoology at Florida State and author of Taking Darwin Seriously and Can a Darwinian be a Christian? Ruse also is the founder and editor of the journal Biology & Philosophy and editor of the Cambridge University Press Series in the Philosophy of Biology.

On Feb. 4, Christian apologetic authors William Lane Craig and Francis Beckwith also will address Intelligent Design at the Greer-Heard forum.

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