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Tribute to Calvin Durrence


My husband/pastor and I came to the Daniell Baptist Association in January 2003 and were blessed to be able to work beside one of the greatest DOMs I have ever met.

Calvin Durrence left us to be with the Lord the morning of December 20th. Bro. Calvin was the kind of man that loved his churches, his ministers, and above all, he loved our Lord and Savior. He always made time to take care of the small stuff, and stayed involved with what was going on in our association. He rarely attended his home church because every Sunday he was checking on the ministers and visiting, just so he could say hello.

Bro. Calvin also stayed involved with children. Our association has a camp during the summer and he always played a major role, ensuring the spiritual growth of our children and showing them that serving and learning about the Lord could be fun and rewarding.

I know this letter does not come close to describing the kind of man he was, nor does it in any way show what he meant to us all, but it is my hope to give a glimpse of the work this man did, and share our feelings about this man we all called brother.