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A struggle with contemporary church winds


This response is in reference to the letter in the Dec. 22 issue regarding the current direction of the church music programs, and the writer raises the question as to “why the music in church is going in the direction of the world today?” From my perspective, the short answer is that the musical programs are trying to stay “in tune” or “in sync” with the contemporary programmed corporate worship programs of today.

Speaking as a “senior lay person” or “pew person,” I too am deeply concerned about the trending changes evolving in many of our churches of today. More importantly, I do not understand why our church lay leaders blindly accept such “seeker-friendly” and “market-driven” worldly methods employed by many of our modern day church professionals without examining the issues based on the standards as set out in God’s Holy Word.

Without question, I firmly believe that the “worship wars” being waged in our churches today are the direct result of those in authority trying to mold and shape and change the churches to be more like the world and meet its standards.

Over the past several months, I have read numerous letters, both pro and con, on these worship issues, and it has been interesting to note that by far the majority of them have been written by professionals/preachers rather than lay persons. There is no question but the writer and I share some of the same concerns for God’s worship services; and I wonder sometimes how many other senior lifetime Baptist members within the Convention feel abandoned by their own churches and are deeply concerned about these church life changing issues.

A survey of Georgia Baptist lay people on these critical worship issues would be enlightening to all church leaders.

For those faithful senior lay persons who are struggling as I am to weather or outlive the “contemporary church winds” blowing through our denomination and hold fast to the time tested worship traditions of our faith, you can take comfort as I did in reading Pastor Wayne J. Edwards’ book entitled Raising The Standard. The publication was reviewed by the editor of The Christian Index in the Nov. 24 issue. Pastor Edwards speaks out boldly for God’s people to raise the standard of Jesus Christ in our worship to God, our respect for His Word, and our witness to the world around us.

His writing should be required reading for not only all practicing Southern Baptist pastors, their staffs, and church lay leaders, but all students studying for the ministry as well.